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Dornbracht x-tra Service


Are Dornbracht finishes offered for all design collections?

You can find the finishes available for your desired design in the product view of each series or in our finish matrix. In addition, almost all of our finishes can be realized for each design collection. Please contact your Dornbracht partner.


Does Dornbracht offer a reprocessing service?

For all Dornbracht products we offer a repair and reconditioning service. Please contact us for more information.


Can I also have my Dornbracht product individually labelled?

On request, we can provide your Dornbracht products with individual logos, initials or functional pictograms.  


How do I best describe my desired individualization?

We manufacture individualizations according to your specifications. An exact description and a drawing will help us with that. As a basis for a drawing, you can download the 2D CAD view, e.g. as a JPG file, and sketch your wishes. You will find the link at the bottom of the product view page under "Documents".


Can I adapt the dimensions of my Dornbracht product?

If, for example, the projection of your wash basin fitting is not sufficient, we offer dimensional adjustments for your spout.

For an efficient and speedy processing we need the article number, or if this is not available, as detailed information as possible, such as product images, documents, invoice, delivery bills, date of installation. Please use the upload function to do so.

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