La nuova definizione della doccia.

Come abbinare diversi tipi di getto a coreografie d’acqua che risvegliano i sensi?

La VERTICAL SHOWERATT combina punti di erogazione speciali con diversi tipi di getto. Il JUST RAIN avvolge il corpo con grandi gocce perlate. Dalla WATER SHEET scende sulle spalle un ampio getto d’acqua limpida. La schiena è stimolata da due WATER BARS. Anche in questo caso, come nell’HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT, grazie all’eTOOL si può scegliere tra le tre coreografie BALANCING, ENERGIZING e DE-STRESSING.

Design: Sieger Design / Choreography: Schienbein + Pier


BALANCING: The water becomes the source of spiritual strength. This wellness shower scenario creates equilibrium, restoring balance and bringing security. The interplay of the temperatures and flow modes of the wellness shower brings all your senses into harmony. The pleasant ebb and flow of the water on your body is like being gently stroked by a hand. You feel as if the water is caressing you, protecting you, you just want to surround yourself in a mantle of security.

DE-STRESSING: Water cleanses the mind. It relaxes, soothes and powers down the organism. The water of the wellness shower is slowly and deliberately heated to release tension in the muscles, loosen them up and also encourage the mind to let go. Your body and your mind enjoy perceptible harmonisation.

ENERGIZING: Wellness that imparts strength. This wellness shower scenario brings new energy. All the senses are sharpened and stimulated. The organism powers up. The circulation and its microcirculation are activated by the constant alternation of pleasantly warm rain and bursts of cold water. Almost inevitably you start to sway to and fro in the rhythm of the alternating stimuli, blowing against the coldness and the next instant, abandoning yourself to the warmth.

Design: Sieger Design
Wellness scenarios: Schienbein + Pier 



Dornbracht Bathroom 2014


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