Dornbracht LifeSpa Shower Bathroom Inspiration


Culturing Life

A questo scopo sviluppiamo progetti che sono in anticipo sui tempi e allo stesso tempo assolutamente senza tempo. Per questo troviamo sempre nuove forme per il flusso dell'acqua. Per noi l'acqua è la quintessenza dell'energia vitale.

Dornbracht Research Lab

We explore, we research, we allow ourselves to be inspired by artists, architects, philosophers and designers. We keep asking questions. Discovering new ideas. Finding solutions.

We create designs ​that shape the future and yet remain timeless. ​Giving every smallest detail all our attention and never giving perfection for our convenience. Designed to make a difference for you, every day for years to come.​

Dornbracht Design
Dornbracht Water

We shape water ​and constantly try to find new ways to release its limitless energy. Transforming everyday routines into luxurious sources of vitality and happiness.​

We enable individuality. ​By offering infinite possibilities and even unique solutions to transform your room ​into the most individual place ​in the world. ​

Dornbracht Individuality
Dornbracht Quality

We confirm the highest standards ​by fulfilling them in Iserlohn, Germany. ​Fighting every day for quality that is ​as close to perfection as it gets​.

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