RAIN SKY M Rain panel for ceiling installation - polished high-grade steel
Polished High-grade Steel
Polished High-grade Steel
Matt High-grade Steel
Matt High-grade Steel
RAIN SKY M Rain panel for ceiling installation - polished high-grade steel

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Application area
Construction type
Ceiling Mounting
Finish type
Polished High-grade Steel
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Product type BU
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Technical Specifications

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  • Rain panel with 3 different flow modes
  • head spray 200 x 160mm, 99 nozzles
  • body spray 360 x 280mm, 142 nozzles
  • rain curtain 720 x 540mm, 124 nozzles
  • cover plate, stainless steel 1020 x 820 x 2 mm
  • 3x flexible connection hose 1/2" - female thread
  • 4x M 10 heavy-duty bolt
  • pre-fitted, stainless steel enclosure 990 x 790 x 128 mmmm
  • 2 light gaps, electronic ballast, T 5 fluorescent tubes, 39 watts - light colour 830
  • 2 hinges and safety chains
  • technical data:
  • minimum flow rate: 35 l/min (all three rain modes together)
  • flow at 3bar flow pressure in conjunction with xTOOL: 43l/min
  • minimum flow pressure 2 bar
  • max. flow pressure 4 bar
  • weight: 50kg
  • electricity supply: 220-240 V AC/DC, OHz, 50-60 Hz, 88 W
  • system of protection: IP 65
  • technical data:
  • plumbing:
  • recommended water hardness: 6-7 °dH - if the water is harder, integrate a water softener that uses the ion exchange principle into the feed pipe.
  • for the optimum choice of hot water storage device - taking into consideration additional drawing-off points and the frequency with which RainSky M is used - the specific demand needs to be assessed.
  • for choosing the drainage, taking into consideration the discharge of all the products in the shower, the specific demand needs to be assessed. Recommendation: Floor drain (connected rating) = 1.5l/sec, drainage rate DN 70
  • feed pipe (hot/cold): 2x DN 20
  • electrical:
  • earth-leakage circuit-breaker 30 mA provided
  • feeder 3 x 1.5mm2 NYM
  • equipotential bonding 1 x 4mm2
  • customer must provide a light switch outside the shower area (outside safety zone 2 under DIN VDE 0100, Part 701)

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