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Facets of reality.

Nothing is as it seems? Revolving Realities is an autoreactive installation that deals with the perception of reality. By presenting images, textures and animations on its multifaceted surface, an object becomes a mirror of changing realities. Furthermore, strings of bright lights weave together the object with the environment of 600 sq. m. Outgoing impulses are absorbed and sent back, the entire space becomes a body of resonance.
Revolving Realities is a work of the media artist collective Interpalazzo, founded by Martin Hesselmeier, Andres Muxel and Carsten Goertz. The soundtrack stems from the composer Marcus Schmickler. Global Street Food was presented for the first time in the context of "Passagen" on the occasion of imm Cologne in 2010. The project's curator was Mike Meiré.