Higher, faster, healthier

Have you ever googled on the Internet to diagnose an illness?
Or shopped for organic foodstuffs in the health food store?
Or ever visited a spa?
Or perhaps you have even ridden an electric bike?

You have? Welcome to the twenty-first century!
Or to be more accurate: to a new understanding of health, wellbeing and quality of life. "Giving yourself a healthy life will be the motto for years to come." It all sounds so casual, but is in fact the scientifically researched findings of a study carried out at the famous Kelkheim Zukunftsinstitut founded by futurist Matthias Horx.

The focus of attention increasingly concerns the issue of a happy and healthy life. A new and proactive understanding of health prevails: simple, attractive, pleasant, healthy and yet as enjoyable as possible.

Health-driven innovation is more often seen in connection with technological advance. We arrange an appointment with the doctor online, record the phases of our night's sleep with an app and can use digital technology to save our individual needs and requirements as a default (Also see: Really smart)

How effortless life has suddenly become! Intelligent processes relieve the pressure and boost the quality of life. Quite simply because there is often more time left for what is really important. The focus is on the individual and personal needs. (Also see: Bathroom trends 2013).

The Zukunfstinstitut also sums up this optimisation of life with the Denglish concepts of "healthness" and "life design". We design our own health situation and achieve the maximum in terms of vitality and quality of life.

But what is it that makes us feel really balanced, fulfilled, healthy and happy?

Meeting our friends?
Urban gardening in the city?
A hot bath?
Jogging around the lake?
Cooking together?
A wellness day?

We can all find our own answers to these questions. But one thing is certain:
The future looks healthy!