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Reframing minimalism.

META is minimalism in its purest form.

It embodies variety and stylistic competence at the same time. It enables expression of personality and attitude. The finish becomes a canvas for individuality. Combining modern minimalism with aesthetic longevity, META is always a sure choice.

Style worlds with Meta: colors, materials and finishes soften the strict austerity of conventional minimalism. The results are accents for minimalistic washstands that surprise and inspire, that provide sophisticated contrasts or gently harmonize with one another.

Minimalistic bathroom fitting, maximum variability. With its interplay of changing colors and materials, META can take on widely varying appearances, becoming the centerpiece of individual interiors that radiate modernity and personality.

An especially slim lever and minimum gap are the hallmarks of the modern META SLIM. This allows use of a wide range of surface finishes for modern washstands.

META PURE: maximum reduction within the META series. Its sleek appearance makes a striking statement, accentuated further in a matte black finish.

Combining for individual design: Enable different finishes on washstand fittings, shower and tub fittings as well as accessories to create an extraordinary effect.

META offers a variety of solutions for the tub. One special highlight is the slim, free-standing tub one-hand regulator.

META permits expression of personality and attitude.

The finish becomes a canvas for individuality. This makes META a sure choice for a minimalistic bathroom fittings combining modern minimalism with aesthetic longevity.

Dornbracht Meta Slim Grey Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Discover the fascinating product world of META: Progressive bathroom fitting designs for washstands, showers and tubs. 

Dornbracht Meta 33501664

META PURE Single-lever lavatory mixer with drain

Art. No. 33501664

Dornbracht Meta 33501660

Single-lever lavatory mixer without drain

Art. No. 33501660

Dornbracht Meta 33501662

META SLIM Single-lever lavatory mixer with drain

Art. No. 33501662

Dornbracht Meta 26413979

Hand shower set

Art. No. 26413979

Dornbracht Meta 33200660

Single-lever tub mixer for wall-mounted installation without hand shower set

Art. No. 33200660

Dornbracht Meta 36045660

One-handed regulator with cover plate With integrated shower connection

Art. No 36045660

Experts on META: Reframing minimalism

META embodies a new form of minimalism. Its design concept is fundamental minimalism that has been perfected over time. META offers the foundation for a myriad of extraordinary yet unfailingly harmonious designs.

dornbracht Meta Experts
dornbracht Meta experts sieger design

META is synonymous with maximum minimalistic design.

It has been reduced to the basic geometric form of the cylinder and immaculately perfected. Clear lines are the hallmark of its design language. Its precise radii and flowing transitions give rise to a well-balanced and harmonious design.

casual. minimal. sustainable.


META is available in three different handle variants, each further reducing the basic form of the fitting from a classic lever to a slender lever variant all the way to maximum reduction.


In addition to the different handle variants, META is also available in various spout heights, offering a wide range of options.


Through its ultra minimum design, META lays the groundwork for conscious use of finishes and colors and additional design dimensions, creating individual, sensuous accents in the bathroom.

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Dornbracht Meta Slim Yellow Bathroom Inspiration

Individual finishes: classic to playful

With its three different finish collections, META offers countless individual design options for minimalistic bathroom fittings. In addition to the polished chrome, platinum matte and black matte finishes, META is also available in additional finish collections FASHION and ARCHITECTURAL.

Dornbracht Chrome Finishes

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht finishes chrome matte
Chrome matte

Dornbracht Platinum Matte Finishes

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Matte Black Finishes

Matte Black

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration Brushed Durabrass

Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Platinum Finishes


Dornbracht Pastel Green Finishes

Pastel green

Fashion Collection

Dornbracht Light Rose Finishes

Light Rosa

Fashion Collection

Dornbracht Yellow Finishes


Fashion Collection

Dornbracht Grey Blue Finishes

Grey blue

Fashion Collection

Dornbracht Light Grey Finishes

Light grey

Architectural Collection

Dornbracht Dark Grey Finishes

Dark grey

Architectural Collection

Dornbracht Dark Platinum Matte Finishes

Dark Platinum matte

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Single-lever mixer

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Three-hole mounting

Dornbracht Alape Washbasins Steel 19 black matte
Steel 19 *America only

Dornbracht Bath Meta Deck-mounted faucets 13716882
Deck-mounted faucets

Dornbracht Bath Meta Wall-mounted faucets 36860660
Wall-mounted faucets

Dornbracht Bath Meta Accessories 83200979


Dornbracht Bath Meta Control Elements 36427970
Control Elements

Dornbracht Bath Meta Shower Accessories 28450625

Dornbracht Bath Meta Deck-mounted tub faucets 27632661

Deck-mounted tub faucets

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Dornbracht Bath Meta Wall-mounted-tub faucets 33233660

Wall-mounted tub faucets

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Floor-mounted tub faucets

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Dornbracht Bath Meta Bidet Faucets 33600660
Bidet faucets

Dornbracht Bath Meta Bidet Accessories 22901979


Dornbracht Bathroom Chrome Finish
Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Platinum Matte Finish
Platinum matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Black Matte Finish
Matte Black

Dornbracht Bathroom Dark Platinum Matte Finish
Dark Platinum matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Brass Brushed Finish
Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht finishes chrome matte
Chrome matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Light Rose Finish
Light Rose

Dornbracht Bathroom Pastel Green Finish
Pastel Green

Dornbracht Bathroom Grey Blue Finish
Grey Blue

Dornbracht Bathroom Light Grey Dark Grey Finish
Light Grey / Dark Grey

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