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Define the new

TARA embodies perfection with character: 

Impeccable but approachable. TARA is the original design icon whose design has been replicated and emulated time and time again. But only the original can claim the perfect layout and proportion of cross handles and outlet spout.

Modern yet timeless. Inspired by Bauhaus style, TARA is a classic bathroom fitting made for today. 

TARA offers a wide variety of products for the washstand. For example, the wall regulator and the three-hole regulator are available in classic cross handles as well as lever variants.

TARA's ultra classic form integrates seamlessly into bathroom architecture. 

Tara takes on a sculptural appearance in contemporary bathrooms.  

The black matte finish underscores the iconic character of the TARA wall fitting, 

 while the polished chrome finish brings out its timeless design. 

TARA offers numerous options for the tub application area such as a tub two-hole regulator for free-standing installation or a tub four-hole regulator for tub rim mounting.

Dornbracht Tara Matte Black Bathroom Inspiration 2
Dornbracht Tara Brushed Brass Bathroom Inspiration

TARA finds tradition in modernity. Its clear lines are capable of making a classic or a progressive statement in bathroom architecture, always making a trendy and contemporary statement.

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With its velvety matte black finishes, the TARA bath mixer is rich in contrast.

Discover the fascinating product world of TARA: classic bathroom fitting designs for washstands, showers and tubs.  

Dornbracht Tara Bathroom 22513892 1

Single-hole lavatory mixer with drain

Art. No. 22513892

Dornbracht Tara Bathroom 25943892

Two-hole tub mixer for freestanding installation with hand shower set

Art. No. 25943892

Dornbracht Tara Bathroom 26023661

Shower riser with shower single-lever mixer

Art. No. 26023661

Dornbracht Tara Bathroom 83060892

Towel bar

Art. No. 83060892

Luxurious twist

TARA is renowned as the classic bathroom fitting inspired by Bauhaus style. Unique finishes such as brushed durabrass give it a luxurious appearance. This effect can be further enhanced by contrasting it with natural stone surfaces in nuances of gray with unusual structures that are eye-catching in themselves.

Dornbracht Tara Brushed Brass Bathroom Inspiration1
Dornbracht Mood Marble

Creative variety

Offered in a number of finishes, the TARA fitting offers design flexibility for the bathroom.

Dornbracht Chrome Finishes

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Platinum Matte Finishes

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Dark Platinum Matte Finishes

Dark Platinum matte

TARA is style icon.

An eternal form: Timeless in design, the TARA unites traditional characteristics with modern appeal. Inspired by Bauhaus style, Tara was born through the new interpretation of an archetype, a design familiar for generations, with maximum reduction and clear lines.

honest. archetypal. modern.


TARA is a classic bathroom fitting with clear lines – precise, simple and elegant. It is remarkable for its minimalistic design, characteristic cross handles and slim, semicircular spout.


An eternal design – versatile options: The wall regulator and three-hole regulator are available in classic cross handles as well as lever variants.


The classic design of TARA captivates the imagination with its universal appeal. TARA provides uniqueness in any context through its versatility. With the extensive product range and large number of available finishes, TARA offers countless options for personal bathroom design.

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Dornbracht Tara Brushed Brass Bathroom Inspiration2
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Dornbracht Bathroom Chrome Finish

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Platinum Matte Finish

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Dark Platinum Matte Finish

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