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Accentuate your bathroom.

LISSÉ invites the touch.

It combines basic, clear-cut, geometric shapes with relaxed, curving countours. Generous surfaces meet narrow edges. Skillfully designed yet modest, it sets the tone in any bathroom.

LISSÉ is remarkable for its intuitive operating mechanism that allows the hand to follow a natural motion. Its innovative aesthetics create a sophisticated accent that enhances any bathroom.

Showcasing a fitting such as Lissé at its best requires peaceful, cozy surroundings with tranquil colors, straightforward contours and flowing transitions.

Whether paired with a single-lever mixer or a three-hole regulator, the LISSÉ is a true eye-catcher that will instantly give your bathroom its own unique style.

The special LISSÉ lever design is also available in the shower.

LISSÉ blends harmoniously with its surroundings in a variety of material combinations. 

Achieve unique character in modern bathroom design with LISSÉ.

The LISSÉ series offers countless options for the tub, such as a three-hole one-handed regulator for tub rim mounting.

The curved design of the LISSÉ lever is also available in the tub application area, where it sets a unique accent in the bathroom as a whole.

Dornbracht bathroom inspiration design faucet lisse
Dornbracht lisse bathroom inspiration luxury design faucet

One special hallmark of this fitting is the dynamic form of the lever, contrasting playfully with the minimal body and the flat spout to create a striking accent.

dornbracht lisse bathroom inspiration

The single-lever mixer is also available with a raised pedestal. It is best suited in combination with surface-mounted wash basins.

Discover the fascinating product world of LISSÉ: progressive bathroom fitting designs for washstands, showers and tubs.

dornbracht bathroom lisse 33500845
Single-lever basin mixer with pop-up waste

Art. No. 33500845

dornbracht bathroom lisse 33200845
Single-lever bath mixer for wall mounting without shower set

Art. No. 33200845

dornbracht bathroom lisse 27803845
Hand shower set with individual rosettes

Art. No. 27803845

dornbracht bathroom lisse 28505979
Shower head

Art. No. 28505979

Elegant contrast

Finishes in classic black or pastel tones underscore the softness of the LISSÉ design. Delicate pink gives the interior a salon-like aura.

dornbracht luxury bathroom inspiration
Dornbracht mood apricotcolours
dornbracht lisse design faucet bathroom inspiration

Variety in finishes
Dornbracht Chrome Finishes

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Platinum Matte Finishes

Platinum matte

Dornbracht finishes chrome matte
Chrome matte

Dornbracht Matte Black Finishes

Matte Black

LISSÉ makes an impression with a design language full of exciting contrasts:

Basic, clear-cut, geometric forms and relaxed curving contours meet generous surfaces and narrow edges. The flat spout with rounded corners is especially characteristic of LISSÉ. A design that is as clean as it is ornamental.

easy. accessible. smooth.

The ornamental design language of LISSÉ is underscored by its extraordinary operating mechanism that permits an especially gentle, easy operation of the lever. It glides into the open position with a flowing motion, providing additional comfort.


The tapering lever rises delicately above the flowing silhouette of the fitting body, underscoring the aura of lightness.


With its innovative aesthetics, LISSÉ sets the tone in the bathroom – an open invitation to simply and easily enhance the interior design and treat yourself to something special: a “genuine Dornbracht.”

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Dornbracht Bathroom Chrome Finish
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Dornbracht Bathroom Platinum Matte Finish
Platinum matte

Dornbracht finishes chrome matte
Chrome matte

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