Dornbracht Madison Dark Bronze Luxury Bathroom Inspiration


Find elegance beyond time.

MADISON is the grand dame of the bathroom.

It refines contemporary interiors and is the defining accessory in the room. Meticulously crafted with hexagonal spout and hallmark porcelain plates set in detailed handles. Opulent, as only befitting a design such as this. Authentic through and through.

MADISON evokes art deco associations. Its elegant form and high quality materials enhance any interior.

The silk matt finish DARK PLATINUM MATTE underlines the style-defining character of the three-hole mixer. Available as a free-standing or wall-mounted variant.

The visible stand pipes and elegantly integrated hand shower holder accentuate the traditional look perfectly.

The nostalgic design of the MADISON fits harmoniously into all areas of application. For a timeless appearance in the entire bathroom.

MADISON offers numerous options for the tub application area such as a tub four-hole regulator for tub rim mounting and a free-standing two-hole bath mixer.

MADISON offers various product solutions for the washstand. For example, the three-hole regulator is available in classic cross handles as well as lever variants.

MADISON is always sure to impress – whether in a modern matte finish or a classic, sophisticated glossy look.

Dornbracht Madison Estate dark platinum matte luxus bathroom
Dornbracht Madison Estate Durabrass luxus bathroom inspiration

Discover the fascinating product world of MADISON: elegant bathroom designs for washstands, showers and tubs. 

Dornbracht Madison Bathroom 20700360

Three-hole lavatory mixer with drain

Art. No. 20700360

Dornbracht Madison Bathroom 26413370
Hand shower set

Art. No. 26413360

Dornbracht Madison Bathroom 26101360
Shower mixer for wall-mounted installation

Art. No. 26101360

Dornbracht Madison Bathroom 25943360

Two-hole tub mixer for freestanding installation with hand shower set

Art. No. 25943360

Play of elements

The flowing forms of MADISON resemble textile structures. High-contrast combinations of colors and materials such as black and dusky pink, hard and soft textures showcase the fitting at its best.

Dornbracht Madison Dark Platinum matte
Dornbracht Textile Dusty Pink

Bold color

MADISON can be combined with an extremely wide variety of structures and finishes.

Expressive: Unusual surfaces such as reddish marble create an extravagant look when paired with MADISON in the finish DARK PLATINUM MATTE.

Opulent: The combination of MADISON in durabrass with gold-veined white marble creates an aura of luxury. Other materials such as velvet or tile provide ideal compliments to the durabrass finish.

Dornbracht chrome Inspiration
Polished Chrome

Dornbracht platinum Inspiration

Dornbracht platinum matte Inspiration
Platinum matte

Dornbracht durabrass Inspiration
Polished Durabrass

Dornbracht Brushed Durabrass Inspiration
Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Dark Platinum matte Inspiration
Dark Platinum matte 

MADISON reflects turn-of-the century style.

Characteristic features include the cross or lever handles with white porcelain elements and the hexagonal spout with classic faceting. Decoration, opulence and a complex design language add the finishing touches to MADISON’s image as a nostalgic fitting.

grand. authentic. timeless.

MADISON is synonymous with the timelessness of a classic, historical design. Iconic style that awakens memories – of the bathing culture of earlier days. A design that outlasts every fashion trend.


MADISON is nostalgia in its purest form. Its elegant design and art deco elements exude a consistent fascination.

Design freedom

MADISON makes an individual statement in any context. It takes on an opulent look in sophisticated glossy finishes and a more classic aura in matte. This versatility makes MADISON suitable for an extremely wide variety of settings.

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Dornbracht Madison Dark Platinum matte Luxury Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Bathroom Inspiration
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