Dornbracht Meta Bathroom Architecture Collage
Minimalism meets individuality

The severity of conventional minimalism is broken and transformed into the liveliness of individual design options. The different use of materials, surface finishes and product features highlight the design options of META in three different interpretations. With colours, materials and surface finishes, which both surprise and stimulate, forming refined contrasts or gently harmonising with each other.

Sensual Reduction

A room which features only what is essential, yet radiates warmth and harmony. While the lines are clear and reduced, the colours and materials have been combined subtly and gently. Warm grey and beige tones contrast discreetly with the matt black of the fittings, high gloss fronts with the vibrant, exciting texture of terrazzo.

Shades of grey and beige provide a subtly sensual, enhancing touch. The use of terrazzo as flooring creates additional suspense and adds vibrancy to enrich the overall minimalist impression.

The matt black of the META single-lever mixer makes a striking statement in contemporary interiors.

Colour as an expression of individual character: The pastel light rose of META SLIM sets an expressive accent in the bathroom.

The fitting in grey blue become part of the architecture, without disturbing the overall ambience.

The META PURE single-lever mixer in polished chrome forms a harmonious unit with the glossy fronts of the bathroom architecture.

Industrial Luxe

The contrasts create an unlikely interplay with each other: concrete with raffia, foil-coated glass with soft lighting. The edginess of industrial design contrasts with the unique homeliness of natural materials. The effect of luxury clad in discreet light. META SLIM in fluorescent yellow deliberately creates an impressive highlight on the washstand. The attraction is created by the interplay with the shower application in matt platinum.

Extremely daring interior design. But one for which well-being remains the central motif. Creating a safe haven with the ultimate aesthetic appeal.

Yellow at the washbasin and Platinum matte in the shower. These are exciting combinations that are both daring and confidently stylish.

With its light grey finish, META SLIM brings balance to every interior and ensure stylish combinations.

Timeless and elegant: META in platinum matte finish is at home in every style universe.

Essential Minimalism

The blueprint for successful minimalism. Concrete, glass and the perfect amount of wooden elements form the stylish foundation for a bathroom which is radically modern. The chrome finish accentuates the calm, pure overall ambience.

The chrome fittings take a deliberate step back, directing attention all the more onto their surroundings: the interior, the design and the architecture.

A pure overall ambience on all levels: In design, function and charisma.

With its pastel green finish, META SLIM becomes the focal point of an individual interior which radiates modernity and personality.

Neutral, unobtrusive and yet visible: The wall-mounted META SLIM in polished chrome finish can be used in every bathroom for aesthetic harmony and an assured sense of style.

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