Dornbracht Mem CL1 Supernova Chrom Bathroom Inspiration


Design Principles​

Dornbracht Mem CL1 Supernova Chrome Bathroom Inspiration

Dornbracht products are perfectly proportioned. Each design is balanced, harmonious and precise, resulting in aesthetic longevity and lasting relevance.


Dornbracht products stand for uncompromising precision. They have clear-cut lines, precise edges and an exceptional finish. Even the smallest details have been lovingly designed.

Dornbracht CL1 Chrome Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Supernova Chrome Bathroom Inspiration

Dornbracht products are progressive. They are designed with a forward-looking attitude which is open to new ideas. They are thus constantly gauging trends in architecture and interior design.


Dornbracht products are originals with a strong personality. They always embody a type, a distinctive character. Instead of being formless and random, their design is striking and makes the presence of the products felt.

Dornbracht Mem Chrome Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht CL1 Chrome Bathroom Design Collections Inspiration

Dornbracht products stand for performance. They are always state of the art – and are often visionary. In addition to structural design and quality craftsmanship, it is their performance that makes Dornbracht products inimitable.

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