WHY MATERIALS MATTER – the importance of materials in architecture and interior design

Materials make architecture come alive by augmenting it with their unique properties: How do these materials feel – warm or cool, smooth or structured? Do they reflect, capture, or transform the light? What are their acoustic qualities? Do they bring to mind associations with nature, or with urban and futuristic spaces?

Dornbracht luxury bathroom faucets materials
Dornbracht luxury bathroom faucets materials

The materials used in architecture and interior design have always been of fundamental importance for Dornbracht, and this is expressed in our curated selection of surface finishes and customization options. Discover four inspiring architectural worlds in which the expressiveness of materials can be seen, felt, and experienced: MYSTICAL, DELIGHT, OASIS and METROPOLITAN.

The unifying element is our new CYO faucet series available in four different finishes, which stand outs in each concept in its own unique way.

CYO – Coming Home

With several bi-structural finishes and customizable handle inserts available, CYO facilitates the creative use of materials in the bathroom. Discover the entire product range and its design diversity.

Dornbracht luxury bathroom faucets CYO Novelty Brochure

Our inspiration for your bathroom.

The CYO Roombook with all designs and additional details.

Dornbracht luxury bathroom faucets CYO Roombook

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Two bathroom architectures, “The Metropolitan” and “The Oasis”, interpret the bathroom as a living space each in their own way, and highlight the adaptability of CYO.

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