Dornbracht luxury kitchen new finishes
New Finishes

Individual design options for your kitchen

The new, exclusive finishes from Dornbracht offer individual design options for your kitchen. They impress with Dornbracht's unique manufacturing quality, impressive color depth and high durability. Tone-in-tone or contrasting: aesthetically durable and contemporary at the same time, they set a stylish accent in the kitchen.

A new, high-quality finish with a classic look for the kitchen. 

Chrome matte – an attractive alternative to stainless steel, but with Dornbracht's typical high-quality matte finish. The sharp, stainless steel appearance is the perfect finish for modern, streamlined kitchens. In addition to its distinct look, the matte finish offers considerable durability. Dornbracht's new Chrome matte for the kitchen is available as a standard finish for the TARA, TARA ULTRA, SYNC, ELIO and ENO collections.

Elio - featured here in the sharp stainless steel look - perfectly matches the Dornbracht stainless steel sink. 

Our classic Tara Ultra is also available in the new Chrome matte finish.

Dynamic in form and function, our SYNC in Chrome matte is striking in kitchens.

Luxury for your kitchen

Exceptional radiance: Durabrass fascinates with a warm golden hue that makes it the centerpiece of any kitchen. Refined with 23-carat gold, the finish celebrates the authentic radiance of this precious metal. The glossy brass exudes luxury and refined elegance, blending into all types of color schemes and kitchen styles.

Tara Ultra with side sprayer in Durabrass perfectly harmonizes with the dark kitchen.

The Sync semi-professional faucet in Durabrass blends in perfectly with the marble décor of the kitchen.

Our classic Tara: a perfect combination of radiance and charismatic design.

Discover our new design options for your kitchen

Dornbracht luxury kitchen faucets


Art. No. 33826888

Dornbracht luxury kitchen faucets


Art. No. 33870875

Dornbracht luxury kitchen faucets


Art. No. 33865895

Dornbracht luxury kitchen faucets


Art. No. 33875895

Dornbracht luxury kitchen faucets


Art. No. 33845760

Dornbracht luxury kitchen faucets


Art. No. 33840790

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Perfection in all dimensions

Dornbracht finishes are characterized by flawless perfection, impressive color depth and durability. These qualities are the result of a highly precise and complex finishing process.

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Finishes as an independent dimension of design: Our carefully selected finishes guarantee unmatched quality and design flexibility.
Dornbracht Finishes Chrome

Dornbracht finishes chrome matte
Chrome matte

Dornbracht Finishes Platinum Matte
Platinum matte

Dornbracht Finishes Platinum

Dornbracht Finishes Durabrass

Dornbracht Finishes Brushed Durbrass
Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Dark Platinum Matte Finishes

Dark Platinum matte

Dornbracht Matte Black Finishes

Matte Black

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