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Ambiance Tuning Technique redefines showering in the premium sector Dornbracht is now developing its technological leadership beyond design into the area of installation

Iserlohn / Bologna High-quality design fittings and accessories for kitchens and bathrooms are almost synonymous in the industry with a single manufacturer's name: Dornbracht. Spectacular designs like the Deque, Supernova or Symetrics series are far ahead of their time. This status is reinforced by the innovative leadership that Dornbracht embodies when it comes to the scenic development of shower worlds. Through the Ambiance Tuning Technique, the premium manufacturer melds installation technology, electronics and ambience into a comprehensive approach, which choreographs water and showering into worlds of experience. This is complimented by an unparalelled level of practicality and technical feasibility.

As a concept for the perfectly designed showering experience, Ambiance Tuning Technique offers market partners who are active in sales a promising approach to tapping the potential of consumers. Potential onsumers would include those with a high level of experience and purchasing power, as well as architects and planners for commercial buildings. As a decentralized modular system, the Dornbracht innovation opens up an awareness of showering - from the installation and individual configuration of the system to comfortable usage with the three choreographies: Balancing, Energizing and De-Stressing. These systems set the standard for the future, at the peak of the sophisticated premium sector.

Dornbracht achieved this evolutional step by consistently implementing two decisive aspects. Firstly, it limited the installation components (the hardware) to just three elements:

- The eTool: an easy-to-use control which unifies individual operation and esthetic design.
- The eValves: intelligent, electronically regulated valves for the comfortably tempered water flow, which can be regulated
with regard to quantity and pressure.
- The eSwitch: a central switching unit and control, which is also used to perform configuration in the network.

The second aspect consists of:

- A complete reduction of the complexity associated with connecting the water-bearing and
electronic installation components.
- The intuitively guided configuration of the Ambiance Tuning Technique with visual software,
eAssist, including installation of the shower scenarios Balancing, Energizing and De-Stressing.

The Technology
The concept behind the Ambiance Tuning Technique is based on the premise that "showering with all the senses" is very individual and thus cannot be covered by standard shower solutions. This applies to the design of the shower itself (e.g. with head and side sprinklers or waterfall taps) as well as the water scenarios, especially with regard to temperature and flow rate.

In order to meet these requirements, Dornbracht developed its own new type of valve: the eValve. Equipped with Ethernet-ready electronics, the intelligence of the compact unit consists of the extremely fast mixing of hot and cold water to achieve precisely the desired temperature (tolerance < 0.3 °C). The valve can also aheive a desired flow rate (1 to 18 l/min. at 3 bar) with a response time of less than a second.
Almost any number of these valves can be placed freely in the shower for wall and ceiling outlets (e.g. Balance Modules) and then connected to the central eSwitch unit. The number of outlets is only limited in practice by the available water pressure and quantity. Inspection into the performance of simultaneous use of all outlets, in relation to the water supply, is carried out automatically in the software-supported configuration.

The valves are controlled automatically when selecting the scenarios using the eTool operating unit, which is also connected to the eSwitch. Configuration is used to determine which valves are allocated to the individual buttons in normal operation. The knob element is used for flow rate and temperature as usual. This function ensures that occasional users in hotels or spa environments can intuitively enjoy the showering comfort of the new Dornbracht technology.

Users can enjoy the shower experience with all the senses, with additional adjusted lighting effects that can be activated optionally in the central eSwitch unit. The eSwitch unit controls the effect of water scenarios based on the level of comfort.

Ambiance Tuning Technique can be intuitively configured and operated within just a few minutes, despite the complex water-bearing installations. On a computer connected to the eSwitch, the installed configuration is automatically detected and visually displayed by the eAssist software. The outlets and head sprinklers as well as the eTool can subsequently be placed in a schematic 60 x 60 mm grid using simple mouse clicks. An input screen can then be used to allocate the respective water quantities (min./max.), outlet temperatures and the required water scenarios. This part of the "installation work" is rounded off by and automated configuration test with a final report, which the operator can optionally receive as a printout or PDF file.

In the operation phase, the Dornbracht software supports economic storage of hot water in hotel and spa facilities. In addition to this, the system issues notification of pending service measures and initiates automatic rinsing , for example if the system is integrated in a hotel's building control technology. This protects against stagnation if the shower is not used for longer periods of time.

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Designed down to the most minute detail
The Ambiance Tuning Technique (ATT) is absolutely spectacular. However it does not allow installer to fulfil the basic quality requirements of any drinking water installation. Dornbracht has taken the following into consideration in numerous development details:
The eValve is installed as a ring line and therefore reduces the amount of dead space to a minimum. This prevents Legionella contamination because there is no stagnated water.
The entire voltage supply for ATT is provided via 12-Volt safety extra-low voltage and can thus also be used in wet areas.
The materials in direct contact with water are made of a special copper-zinc alloy. Lead introduction to the drinking water cannot be detected in the products using current measuring methods.
The construction of the units and their installation measurements are based on the xGrid track system, thus simplifying assembly and customized alignment.
Despite miniaturization of the electronically controlled valves in the eValve, there is no risk of calcification when used with normal water types (6 to 7° dH).

About Dornbracht
Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Iserlohn, is a globally active family-run manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. Highly-qualified employees and the most modern production technologies guarantee the highest manufacturing quality. Dornbracht continually strives for progress in the areas of technology and production with the goal of being the leading innovators in the sector. Dornbracht regularly receives international design awards for its product designs and is also distinguished by its long-term commitment to cultural endeavors since 1996. Since 2006, the bathroom and kitchen edition of the "Dornbracht - the SPIRIT of WATER" publication has been regularly released, a publication which expresses Dornbracht's vision as a company with cultural relevance and reflects the broad spectrum of the Dornbracht brand. Between being a magazine and a catalogue, the publication succeeds in documenting the inspiration, dialogue and innovation that distinguishes thought and work at Dornbracht.

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The eTool combines a clear, minimalistic design vocabulary with the greatest ease of operation. Innovative control technology makes it possible, for the first time ever, to individually control the various outlets of the shower area.

Photos: Thomas Popinger
Copyright: Dornbracht
Sophisticated shower solutions are individualized, whether in a hotel, in a spa or in a private bath. The Ambiance Tuning Technique by Dornbracht is the first on the market to offer practical implementation with a full range of configuration options.

Photos: Dornbracht
Copyright: Dornbracht
The eSwitch is used to control the eValves via the eTool operating unit – a clear structure, which is connected in just a few steps according to the Plug 'n Play principle.

Photos: Dornbracht
Copyright: Dornbracht
Extreme miniaturization characterizes the eValves, which were developed in-house by Dornbracht and can now also be used, for example, to digitally limit the minimum and maximum flow rates.

Photos: Dornbracht
Copyright: Dornbracht