Dornbracht design principles

Premium innovation washbasin faucet timeless

What makes Dornbracht fittings so distinctive?

What distinguishes them from the rest and seals their status as icons? What is it about them that means they will also be style-defining design objects in future – making them the safe option for the long term?  Five design principles that are fundamentally important to the brand.

Premium innovation washbasin faucet extravagant


Dornbracht fittings are originals with personality. They always embody an independent character – making an individual and incisive statement as they do so. Their unmistakeable identity is the result of combining a distinctive form and expressive finishes.


Dornbracht Design is different  

Proportion, precision, progressiveness, performance and personality. These design principles, combined with uncompromising quality, ensure that our products will endure and be stylistically confident – for many years to come.

Dornbracht Characters

A Matter of Charisma
Premium innovation washbasin faucet timeless


Dornbracht fittings have perfect proportions. Their design is in keeping with a timeless ideal – balanced, harmonious and precise. It is this perfection that explains their iconic and enduring aesthetic appeal.

Premium innovation washbasin faucet extravagant


Dornbracht fittings are originals with personality. Dornbracht fittings epitomise uncompromising precision.<br>Their form is characterised by clean lines and precise radii, their workmanship by superb finishes and the highest quality of manufacture. Even the smallest details are accomplished with unrivalled care.

Premium innovation washbasin faucet progressive


Dornbracht fittings are progressive. They show an enlightened attitude that is receptive to anything new. They provide inspiration for architects and interior designs with a visionary aspiration. They set present-day and future benchmarks, in constant dialogue with the spirit of the age.

Premium innovation washbasin faucet extravagant


Dornbracht fittings epitomise excellent performance. The highest standards of functionality and application direct the focus onto the diverse forms of water presentation. These provide enhancement by creating unique water experiences and added value. 

Top-level manufacturing quality

We think that sustainability begins with the highest quality and longevity.​Along with the design principles, it is this promise that makes every Dornbracht fitting a safe option for the long term for your bathroom or kitchen – it is a choice that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. We use the best materials and combine the latest production technologies with exclusive craftsmanship. 

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