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Our new DORNBRACHT YAMOU product series uncompromisingly combine the functional, qualitative and cost-efficiency demands of the project business. Graced with timelessly elegant design, the series can meet all of your project’s requirements – at the right price to match.

„Holistic, functional and bold“
Christian and Michael Sieger

Our long-standing partner Sieger Design has endowed DORNBRACHT YAMOU with a design language that is truly unique

The result is a universal design that meets the demands of construction projects, whether in terms of ergonomics, function, or quality.
Dornbracht YAMOU_03

The gently flowing and unobtrusive contours of the DORNBRACHT YAMOU series harmoniously complement a wide variety of bathroom architectures.

Dornbracht YAMOU_01

With its harmoniously smooth design and balanced proportions, DORNBRACHT YAMOU can be a stylish addition to a wide variety of bathrooms.

Dornbracht YAMOU_04

With DORNBRACHT YAMOU shower solutions, every shower becomes a wellness experience. Our precise thermostats make this wellness experience all the more pleasant, as they enable exact temperature presetting.

„The design solution impresses with its clear lines, high-quality materials, and top-notch precision.“
Christian und Michael Sieger

Thanks to their high-quality material, our finishes ensure that the fittings have the highest durability and most luxurious feel possible

Dornbracht Pro Services

Personal consulting and planning support, provision of all necessary product and planning data through to customized spare parts offers on a project basis.

Digital planning packages

To help you realize your architectural projects easily and efficiently, we provide architects and planners with complete digital packages.

Maintenance packages

Our Dornbracht maintenance packages are tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring long-term quality and reliability for your project.


Our commitment to sustainability has been part of our philosophy from the very beginning. The versatile DORNBRACHT YAMOU and DORNBRACHT YARRE design series meet the functional and cost-efficiency demands of large interior design and construction projects.

Five year warranty

Extensive testing and certified inspections of all components ensure that DORNBRACHT YAMOU and DORNBRACHT YARRE, like all our products, meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

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The brochure on our project series: DORNBRACHT YAMOU and DORNBRACHT YARRE.

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