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The design language of the new DORNBRACHT PIUR and DORNBRACHT LYV kitchen fittings is universal, stylish, and functional. These fittings, with their superior ergonomics, function and quality, are the perfect answer to the demands of everyday life in the kitchen.

  • Universal

    A design language that is universal. The fittings are a versatile solution for the different style preferences of professional real estate developers and kitchen lovers everywhere.

DORNBRACHT PIUR - Precision. Simplicity. Straightforwardness.

The L-shaped DORNBRACHT PIUR rises elegantly from the countertop, and features several functional aspects that complement its elegance. DORNBRACHT PIUR's height means that it fits underneath cabinets and on any kitchen island. The single-lever faucet makes an impression with its resource-saving cold-start function. DORNBRACHT PIUR features a 360° swivel and a timeless design that combines straight lines and a geometric shape.

Dornbracht PIUR Brushed Nickel

Sophisticated in function

Functionality is particularly important in the kitchen. With a radius of action that covers the entire sink, DORNBRACHT PIUR pull-out versions make daily work in the kitchen easier, with or without the optional sprayer.

DORNBRACHT LYV - Compact. Functional. Practical.

DORNBRACHT LYV is practical & versatile for everyday life in the kitchen. It’s height of around 23.3 cm guarantees a high degree of flexibility during installation. As a pull-out single-lever mixer with an optional sprayer function, this kitchen fitting is well equipped for daily challenges in the kitchen. It combines modern lever and body design with 120° swivel capability.

Dornbracht LYV Soft Black

Making a statement

The monochrome elegance of the Soft Black finish offers versatile design options in the kitchen living space: from balanced harmony to expressive contrast.

Inspiration from the DORNBRACHT PIUR & DORNBRACHT LYV product world

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Creative diversity - DORNBRACHT PIUR & DORNBRACHT LYV surfaces

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Discover the new Dornbracht PIUR and Dornbracht LYV series.

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