Finishes for your kitchen

Perfection in all dimensions
Dornbracht tara design series inspiration kitchen kitchen faucet durabrass

Intensity, depth of colour and brilliance

Dornbracht regards the finish as an independent dimension of kitchen design. This is why developing finishes that are both exclusive and unique has a high priority for us: The finishes created in our production facilities are impressive not just for their beauty, but also for their excellent quality and durability. By combining technological expertise with outstanding design skills, Dornbracht keeps setting standards that are unsurpassed. Our aim: perfection in all dimensions.

Dornbracht tara ultra design series profi kitchen kitchen faucets brushed platinum

Classic finishes

Our classic finishes are timelessly elegant – and go with every style in the kitchen. Their neutral and unobtrusive appearance blends discreetly into every interior design, yet still has a presence. The classic Chrome and Platinum finishes take a deliberate step back, ensuring aesthetic harmony in every kitchen.

Dornbracht lot design series inspiration kitchen kitchen faucet brushed dark platinum

Dark finishes

Finishes in dark colours radiate warmth and naturalness. By appealing to the senses, they fit harmoniously into dark kitchen interiors, or create exciting contrasts in a bright, architectural environment. With dark finishes from Dornbracht, you can implement individual interior design concepts for your kitchen that radiate comfort and stylistic assurance in equal measure. 

Dornbracht vaia design series inspiration kitchen kitchen faucet brushed durabrass

Golden finishes

With brushed or gloss versions of Gold (23.9-karat), Durabrass (23-karat Gold) and Champagne (22-karat Gold), Dornbracht offers finishes of top quality and timeless elegance. They owe their exclusivity to the use of real gold, and plenty of detailed manual work during production.  

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Superb manufacturing quality

The finishes from Dornbracht are noted for their flawless perfection, impressive depth of colour, and excellent resistance. These qualities are the result of an elaborate refinement process. Innovative technologies, an ultra-modern plating shop, and precise craftsmanship are inextricably linked during production. Finishes produced in this way are both exclusive and unique. 

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And unique pieces
Your vision is our benchmark. So our range of services also includes the highest level of customised production: implementing your own design solutions. Liaising closely with our experts at Dornbracht, we turn your ideas into reality. You can count on top-quality, precision manufacturing with great attention to detail.

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