Kitchen Architectures

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Immerse yourself in the world of architecture and be inspired by innovative ideas and extraordinary materials. The kitchen architectures create a harmonious connection between design, functionality and aesthetics, setting standards for new kitchen concepts.


META SQUARE Architecture

An expressive kitchen for cosmopolitans: Colours, styles and shapes are mixed with naturalness and an assured sense of style.

MEM Architecture

A kitchen for those who love nature as much as their city: a piece of green in your own home.
MEM _Brushed_Platinum_01

LOT Architecture

A modern fitting for premium kitchens. With the focus on function, yet highly aesthetic. Two aspects that are not mutually exclusive in this fitting.
LOT_Brushed Dark Platinum_01

TARA ULTRA Architecture

Timeless design and the highest functionality combined to create a perfect kitchen experience.

VAIA architecture

Clear lines and fine materials combined to create a masterpiece of kitchen design: a staging to an expression of individuality and timelessness.

TARA Architecture

Timeless design, light marble, natural woods and warm brass accents. Tara, a classic and modern design in an environment between tradition and the present.
Dornbracht tara design series inspiration kitchen kitchen faucet durabrass

SYNC architecture

SYNC combines timeless design with modern elegance and classic sophistication. A kitchen full of style and functionality.
Dornbracht sync design series inspiration kitchen kitchen faucet dark chrome

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