Neck Pain

Encounter a new way to gently but effectively relieve neck pain

Water therapy for neck pain

Neck pain can be scary and very painful, but it is usually nothing to worry about. In fact, it is very common: just under 20% of us have had some type of neck pain during the last three months. Fortunately, you can perform neck pain treatment at home, but you also need to understand what might be causing your pain.

Common causes of neck pain: Neck pain is most commonly caused by weakened and overused neck muscles, aging, injuries, inflammatory conditions, or narrowing of the vertebral canal. Often, it is not possible to identify one specific cause of neck pain because there can be many factors contributing to it at the same time.


Harmonising neck massage

Health benefit:

  • Gently massaging and loosening the neck muscles

  • Brings a feeling of security and restores harmony to the senses

Time of day: Ideal after sport, or to restore balance at the end of the day.

Application: Select a lukewarm to warm temperature for this application. Feel the light to moderate intensity of the massage flow. In this application, you can easily adjust the pressure and temperature up or down, but avoid the maximum ranges. Experience a balancing massage shower for the next 5 to 6 minutes. For the perfect effect, undulate your neck and shoulder region into the stream of water. Rest your chin on your chest and lean backwards towards the massage flow. Then raise your head again and rock your body slightly forwards.


Gentle back massage

Health benefit:

  • Gentle neck and back massage

  • Relaxation

Time of day: Every day, as required.

Application: Stand with your back relaxed against the wall, so that the water envelops your entire head, neck and back area. The temperature should be somewhere between lukewarm and warm, to suit your personal requirements. Consciously enjoy the individual streams of water as they gently massage your body.


Revitalizing back massage

Health benefit:

  • Thorough loosening and activation of the back and neck

  • Drives away tiredness

  • Dispenses new energy

Time of day: Ideal in the morning for starting the day feeling positive, rested and invigorated.

Application: Set the intensity of the massage flow to light to moderate. The temperature should feel pleasantly warm to hot. Avoid the maximum settings in this application. Enjoy the revitalising effect of the neck and back massage for the next 4 to 5 minutes. Take up a restful position and become aware of how your body and mind summon up new energy.

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