The multisensory shower experience

Water, light, energy – AQUAMOON is an individual shower experience in a new dimension

A sanctuary that allows you to reconnect with your senses: Custom spray and lighting modes create an emotional experience with water that revitalizes and reinvigorates. AQUAMOON is a unique interior design solution that perfectly integrates into your ceiling. In this extravagant shower, a recessed dome blends in with the bathroom or spa architecture. When looking up, a special depth effect unfolds: a hidden light strip creates a feeling of infinity.

AQUAMOON is available in three versions:

RAINMOON offers a unique rain experience with its low-consumption TEMPEST and AQUA CIRCLE sprays, and its integrated light function. AQUAMOON is equipped with an additional Dornbracht spray: QUEEN’S COLLAR. This mode combines water and light for pure bliss. AQUAMOON EMBRACE is available with a fourth spray type, EMBRACE, and takes the shower experience to a whole new level. Product design: Michael Neumayr

Depending on the product version, it includes up to four innovative jet types that are completely tailored to your needs

Premium innovation experience shower high-quality


AQUA CIRCLE features a funnel effect, created by varying water flow and volume as water falls from the dome. The more water, the smaller the funnel becomes. Reduced water flow increases the size of the funnel, and the water falls down around the head and evenly onto the shoulders, like a rain curtain. With this feature, AQUA CIRCLE creates a relaxing and meditative feeling.

Premium innovation experience shower high-quality


Tempest recreated the experience of heavy rain during a storm with soft, large water drops  that appear to fall freely from above. The water does not follow a pattern, mimicking the natural flow of water during a storm. The result is a relaxing and refreshing shower experience that creates clarity and peace.

Premium innovation experience shower high-quality


The QUEEN’S COLLAR shower massages the head, shoulder and spine areas.  The effect of the mode varies based on selected water pressure and temperature, ranging from calming and relaxing effect to invigorating and refreshing. The intensity of the cascade depends on the part of the body it touches: The center of the cascade gently carresses the head and forehead with a thin, smooth stream, while the outer edges revitalize with powerful deluges of water.

Premium innovation experience shower high-quality


Like a hug, EMBRACE completely wraps the body in water, but leaves the head untouched. The result is a highly immersive feeling of security, where you can forget everyday life and focus on your breathing and yourself. A glance up into the seemingly endless dome intensifies the experience further. 

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