Bathroom Architectures

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Immerse yourself in the world of architecture and be inspired by innovative ideas and extraordinary materials. The bathroom architectures create a harmonious connection between design, functionality and aesthetics, setting standards for new bathroom concepts.


MEM Architecture

MEM’s linear design is subtle, yet eye-catching and its clear, organic lines resembling the most natural way of presenting water: a spring.
MEM_Lead bath 2023_1_V1

TARA Architecture

Through consistent minimalism, the new TARA architecture from Dornbracht directs your focus to the here and now, bringing the luxury of the moment closer.
Premium design tub faucet timeless

CYO Architecture Oasis

The Oasis bathroom dissolves boundaries, bringing the outside world indoors. Coming home: finding yourself, refuelling and recovering. At one with nature.
Premium design washbasin faucet extravagant

CYO Architecture Metropolitan

The bathroom becomes your personal retreat, a safe haven where you can summon up new energy for body and mind. A mental and physical power source, making up for the bustling outside world.
Premium design washbasin faucet extravagant

CYO Architectures Mystical and Delight

Discover inspiring architectural worlds in which the expressive power of materials can be seen, felt and experienced.

VAIA Healing Effects

A stunning collection of bathroom fittings. Timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship for an exquisite bathing experience.
Premium design washbasin faucet transitional

VAIA architecture From Past to Present

Timeless elegance meets modern bathroom design. Luxurious fittings with dark surfaces for a stylish ambience.
Premium design tub faucet transitional

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