Experience deeper and more restful sleep with targeted water therapy

Water therapy for insomnia relief

Insomnia is the inability to fall or stay asleep at night, which results in sleep that is not restful or fully restorative. Almost everyone has experienced insomnia at some point in their lives. There are a lot of ways to battle insomnia including relaxation exercises and using water therapy for sleep.

Various types of water therapy can be used to fully relax the body and mind and prepare you for sleep even after a particularly demanding day. Some of the best uses of water therapy for sleep are easy to perform with Dornbracht spa solutions in the comfort and privacy of home.


Leg affusion

Health benefit:

  • Firms the skin

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Encourages sleep

Time of day: For relaxation after a demanding day, 1– 2 hours before going to bed (about 45 seconds)

Application: Start at the outside toe of your right foot and run the cold stream of water along the outside of your right leg as far as the groin. Stay there for a while and then move back down along the inside of the leg. Repeat the application on your left leg in the same way.


Gentle back massage

Health benefit:

  • Gentle neck and back massage

  • Relaxation

Time of day: Every day, as required.

Application: Stand with your back relaxed against the wall, so that the water envelops your entire head, neck and back area. The temperature should be somewhere between lukewarm and warm, to suit your personal requirements. Consciously enjoy the individual streams of water as they gently massage your body.


Sauna shower

Health benefit:

  • Cooling down after a sauna

  • Gives the blood vessels a workout

  • Stimulates the circulation and metabolism

  • Stabilises the autonomic nervous system

Time of day: Perfect for cooling down after every sauna session

Application: Ideally, your cool-down after a sauna starts outdoors. Consciously breathe in and out a few times to cool your airways. Then set a specific cold stimulus with the cascade shower. The stream of water should not be too powerful and you should choose a cool to cold temperature. Start at the feet and direct the flow of water slowly upwards towards your heart. Then go to the arms, starting from the hands and moving towards the shoulders. After that, you can also give the rest of your body a cold shower. Make sure that you warm up your body again immediately afterwards, to stop you catching a chill. Once you are dry, wrap yourself in a bathrobe and feel free to enjoy a warm foot bath, for instance.

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Spa solutions bring the sleep benefits of hydrotherapy to your home

Dornbracht spa solutions provide luxury water therapy for insomnia solutions that will work to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and experience a deeper and more restful sleep throughout the night. Our water treatments make it possible for you to experience sleep benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

With Dornbracht, you’ll get personalized spa solutions which combine harmonious water, light and fragrance elements. Whether standing, seated or reclining, you will enjoy an experience unlike any you’ve had before. These private spa solutions are an invitation to relax, unwind, heal, and linger just a moment longer in total bliss.



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