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Reduced flow shower products

As a leading expert in water solutions, Dornbracht added new high-quality, resource-saving products with the introduction of FlowReduce. Saving money and resources, the shower experience has become sustainable - water consumption is significantly minimized in these reduced flow products (up to 54% for hand showers). For additional sustainable resource consumption options, Dornbracht offers selected shower products in a FlowReduce+ version via x-tra Service. Unfortunately currently not available in America and China.

Regular: Regular flow rate

FlowReduce: Reduced flow rate with a full shower experience

FlowReduce+: Maximum reduction of flow rate with minimal effect on the shower experience via x-tra Service request

A sustainable shower experience – without any compromises

Dornbracht's FlowReduce shower products guarantee a sustainable shower experience for your personal sanctuary - while using less water. Despite the decrease of water, the spray is powerful and voluminous, perfectly suited for hair washing and daily routines (3 bar).

Conserving water resources

The shower is one of the most significant driving factors in water consumption in private households. A 6-minute shower (14l/min) consumes about 84 liters of water. Thanks to the reduced flow rates, Dornbracht shower products with FlowReduce help save water.

By choosing a Dornbracht rain shower with FlowReduce (7l/min) you can...

Reduce shower costs

Showering consumes energy as well as water. A 6-minute shower costs about 1.50 EUR. Dornbracht shower products with FlowReduce protect natural resources in a number of ways while reducing your energy costs.

By choosing a Dornbracht rain shower with FlowReduce (7l/min), you can...

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For your water-saving shower

Our resource-friendly solutions at a glance
Dornbracht professional project series inspiration

Project business

Dornbracht's FlowReduce and FlowReduce+ solutions have tremendous potential for the project business. They can positively impact a hotel's overall water consumption and help reduce energy costs.


Sustainable building design

Dornbracht shower products with FlowReduce and FlowReduce+ assist your your sustainable building projects by helping to meet the requirements of green building rating systems, for example LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.

Sustainability is a question of attitude for us

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