Kitchen faucet ELIO - harmonious and dynamic

ELIO provides comfort for everyday functions in the kitchen.  Characterized by round, circular shapes in design, the ELIO guarantees ergonomic movements to support daily tasks in the kitchen.

One of the main design attributes of the ELIO faucet is its ergonomic design that brings comfort to everyday tasks in the kitchen.

Stylish kitchen design with the ELIO design collection


The ELIO is designed with a PULL-OUT single-lever mixer with a PULL-OUT spout which provides more coverage in and around the sink. Extending the faucet to cover additional surface area makes working in the kitchen much more convenient.


The ELIO single-lever mixer with PULL-OUT function lets users conveniently adjust the spray type at the touch of a button, allowing a more customized experience when working in the kitchen.


The ELIO is designed to support various tasks in the kitchen from washing vegetables to washing dishes in an ergonomic fashion. The ELIO fitting is equipped with a pull-out spout that provides further convenience for everyday tasks.


The braided hose of the ELIO is specially designed to meet the demands of the kitchen: bend-resistant, flexible, and virtually noiseless.

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Future Evolution House - Vienna © Future Evolution House® (Oona und Matthias Horx) | Photographer Klaus Vyhnalek

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Private residence - Schilde © private owner

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Future Evolution House - Vienna © Future Evolution House® (Oona und Matthias Horx) | Photographer Klaus Vyhnalek


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