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WHY MATERIALS MATTER – the importance of materials in architecture and interior design

Materials make architecture come alive by augmenting it with their unique properties: How do these materials feel – warm or cool, smooth or structured? Do they reflect, capture, or transform the light? What are their acoustic qualities? Do they bring to mind associations with nature, or with urban and futuristic spaces?

The unifying element - CYO

The unifying element is our new CYO faucet series available in four different finishes, which stand outs in each concept in its own unique way.

The materials used in architecture and interior design have always been of fundamental importance for Dornbracht, and this is expressed in our curated selection of surface finishes and customization options. Discover four inspiring architectural worlds in which the expressiveness of materials can be seen, felt, and experienced: MYSTICAL, DELIGHT, OASIS and METROPOLITAN.


A mysterious and primal ambiance emanates from the material world of MYSTICAL.

The concept combines dark lava stone, matte metals and fine leather, uniting both warm and cool, and rugged and soft, in an intriguing liaison.


Black basalt sets the tone in most of the room, giving it the mystical aura of a volcanic landscape. The stone is accompanied by dark concrete, black steel and satin glass. Dark textiles and leather give the ambiance a cozy feel and instill the room with an aura of sophistication and quality.


As a volcanic rock, basalt comes directly from the interior of the earth: It is created by the cooling of magma in the ocean or on the earth’s surface. Basalt belongs to the group of hard stones, and is characterized by ruggedness and a high resistance to mechanical stress. Fine-grained and dark gray to black in color, the natural stone fascinates with its mysterious, rugged beauty.


With its open-pored surface, aniline leather is an ideal addition to the ambiance of MYSTICAL. For the most part, this leather is left in its natural state to keep its structure and texture as intact as possible. Only flawless hides come into question, which is why aniline leather is considered especially valuable. Soft and warm to the touch, it contrasts the roughness of the stone used.


Black steel adds to the ensemble of dark materials. It is essentially raw steel in its original state: Its expressive surface consists of black-blue oxide scale and mill scale, and is produced at high temperatures. The resulting surface is always one-of-a-kind and unique.


Satin-finish glass adds a soft touch to the aesthetics of MYSTICAL. It causes an atmospheric refraction of light, flooding the room evenly and gently. Thanks to its opaque quality, the semi-matte glass is also ideal for creating private zones in the bathroom.


A sturdy geometrically woven fabric in black and anthracite adds subtle yet dynamic structure to the ensemble. Modeled after natural stone, dark concrete combines its material advantages with a natural look. Concrete is not only extremely durable, but also exceptionally versatile.

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CYO in the finish Brushed Platinum perfects the atmosphere with its silver nuances. The extraordinary silver tone of the finish fascinates with its warm basic tone, which comes from the high palladium content in the final coat. It is further accentuated by the velvety, matte brushed finish of the fitting.

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The handle elements of CYO are interchangeable and can be combined in numerous ways. MYSTICAL also features the finish Brushed Platinum, a perfect match for both the fitting and this design concept.


Light is the main protagonist in the DELIGHT material world. The focus is on materials and colors that incorporate light in a special way.

Focus on lightness: Exposed concrete on the walls and concrete slabs on the floor set the minimalist framework for a modern spa ambiance.


Transparent, iridescent and reflective elements give the room multi-dimensionality. Selected pastel textiles guarantee a comfortable atmosphere in the light-flooded room.

Dornbracht luxury bathroom faucets delight architecture

Translucent acrylic glass, here in an intense coral tone, creates unique variations in light. Its colorful, iridescent transparency unfolds different effects depending on the time of day. The material has an unmistakably modern look and can be used in both minimalist and expressive design concepts.


Brushed stainless steel embodies immutable, understated elegance: With its semi-gloss finish, it underscores the lightness of the room and elegantly contrasts it at the same time.


A compact short pile carpet in a delicate shade of gray mirrors the color of the concrete used, ensuring a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. Light gray concrete sets the framework with its neutralizing and balancing effect. This resilient building material provides a gentle backdrop for the room concept and can be used in combination with other materials in a variety of ways.


A thinly woven translucent curtain fabric in a pastel lavender tone accentuates the lightness and airiness of the DELIGHT material concept. It is complemented by denser upholstery fabric in a matching color.

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The classic chrome finish used with CYO fixtures reflects the light, colors and luster in the room. Its reflective high-gloss finish is subtle yet eye-catching, radiating unadorned grandeur. The silvery finish has a rather cool color temperature, and is extremely resistant to mechanical stress.

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The circular handle elements of CYO are also available in high-gloss chrome.

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CYO – Coming Home

With several bi-structural finishes and customizable handle inserts available, CYO facilitates the creative use of materials in the bathroom. Discover the entire product range and its design diversity.


Nature, a source of inspiration, a place both of strength and in need of protection, is the overarching theme of the OASIS material world.

Organic raw materials, processed or unprocessed, are used in various forms. They are combined with artificial, in some cases recycled materials. Textile elements and intriguing textures create a special tactile experience.

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OASIS überträgt die wohltuenden und heilsamen Qualitäten der Natur auf Innenräume. Gedeckte Grüntöne bestimmen das Farbschema, integriert in einen Verlauf von Weiß über zartes Grau bis hin zu erdigem Schwarz. Das fein nuancierte Ensemble der Farben ist dem Spiel von Licht und Schatten in der Natur nachempfunden.


Pebblestones bear the signature of the element water, which shaped and smoothened them over centuries. The fascinating relief these stones create is reminiscent of a natural mosaic that seems both soft and rough at the same time. As anti-slip flooring or wall cladding, pebblestone brings a natural and warm feel to the bathroom. Its surface texture also contributes to a special tactile experience.


The black limestone Nero Marquina is of Spanish origin. This natural stone is considered to be among the most elegant, and is often used in combination with white marble. Fine white calcite veins give it its distinctive, decorative grain. Iridescent, shimmering fossils can sometimes be found in the Spanish natural stone, underscoring the unique character of the material. Polished to a glossy finish, Nero Marquina blends luxuriousness with natural beauty.

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Glass is fully recyclable, and there is practically no limit to how often it can be recycled. As such, this material contributes to greater sustainability in architecture. This iridescent green variant is particularly intricate, and evokes associations with a spring. Due to its transparency, the colored glass is particularly suitable for creating or emphasizing flowing transitions within architecture, or for blurring its boundaries.

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Recycled polyester is used in CYO architectures in the form of a transparent shower curtain. In addition to its sustainable component, the material has a special aesthetic quality: Subtly shimmering, translucent and gently flowing, it blends harmoniously into the biophilic design concept. Textiles bring comfort and enhanced haptic quality to the bathroom. The woven fabric cover of the bathtub (Bette Lux) is waterproof and resistant to high temperatures, and perfectly complements the material world of OASIS.

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The dark, brushed finish Dark Platinum matte is characterized by extraordinary stylistic versatility. In the context of the OASIS architectural world, it represents an earthy complement to the natural spectrum of colors, materials and structures. The unmistakable faceting of the surface is created by a special surface treatment and ultra-thin vapor deposition of the coating using the PVD process. This also makes the finish extremely durable.

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The black natural stone Nero Marquina, with its intricate and distinctive grain, is yet another option available for CYO handle elements, which are interchangeable and thus offer a wide range of customization options.


Urbanity meets the natural: The CYO architecture METROPOLITAN fuses contrasting materials into a harmonious overall concept.

METROPOLITAN captures the lively flair of the big city. However, METROPOLITAN was also designed to be an antipole to the hectic world outside, as is evident in its architecture and the materials used. Industrial style materials such as concrete and aluminum are offset and integrated by the natural elegance of classic materials like marble or virgin wool.

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A calming array of colors, elegant finishes and fine details create a symbiosis. The bathroom becomes an exclusive retreat, a haven and source of strength in the heart of the metropolis.


Marble, with its crystalline structure and distinctive grain, is rich in variety. It is considered the epitome of luxury and timeless beauty, and plays a central role in the material concept of METROPOLITAN. Classic marble in Carrara white with a fine gray pattern establishes an elegant basis for the design concept, with green marbled granite serving as both a complement and a contrast: The robust natural stone fascinates with its lively, concise structure and intense colors. The minerals phengite and chlorite create a subtle shimmer that underlines the vitality of the material. Marble arouses associations with nature and thus contributes to the regenerative effect of the architecture.

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A homage to the metropolis: Concrete is the ultimate expression of modernity and urban life. In the METROPOLITAN bathroom, it unfolds its aesthetic impact in a contrasting interplay of exclusive materials. In addition to its special presence and rough texture, concrete is also an excellent choice for bathrooms for practical reasons: It has a noise and heat insulating effect, is extremely durable, and enables seamless surfaces.

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Anodized aluminum opens up almost endless possibilities for different combinations and uses of colors. In the METROPOLITAN bathroom, it is used to create a lavender-colored wall cladding. This light metal, which is given a stylish yet rugged finish through the anodizing process, creates a modern, unprecedented look in the bathroom.


Textile elements create a sense of warmth and comfort, for example New Zealand virgin wool: When this sturdy material is used for a carpet, it feels particularly soft to walk on and impresses with a variety of positive characteristics. Virgin wool is naturally dirt-repellent, heat-insulating, temperature-regulating and sound-absorbing. Since it is obtained from living sheep, virgin wool is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.


An intelligently selected complement to this is Alcantara, a high-quality, climate-neutral suede synthetic leather with a soft, velvety surface. Breathable, durable, and water-resistant, this fabric is ideal as a cover for a seat in the bathroom, for example.

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The CYO finish Bi-structural Durabrass (23kt Gold) adds warmth to the room, and is an expressive contrast to the green granite. The radiant golden hue makes a noble statement, a manifestation of classic luxury yet progressive all the same. Its extraordinary brilliance and the color depth of the electroplated finish is the result of its particularly high gold content.

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Tone-on-tone: This CYO handle variant has a brass finish like the spout, adding to the elegance of the color concept.

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Two bathroom architectures, “The METROPOLITAN” and “The OASIS”, interpret the bathroom as a living space each in their own way, and highlight the adaptability of CYO.

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