Dark finishes for bathroom fittings

Simple beauty
Premium innovation washbasin faucet extravagant

Striking and highly contrasting Our dark finishes

Finishes in dark colours radiate warmth and naturalness. By appealing to the senses, they fit harmoniously into dark interiors, or create exciting contrasts in a bright, architectural environment.

  • Elegance

    Dark bathroom fittings radiate a subtle elegance that gives your bathroom a sophisticated and stylish ambience. Matte Black, Dark Chrome and Brushed Dark Platinum seem luxurious and timeless.

An exclusive tone

The intensity and depth of colour of our dark finishes lend your bathroom a warm atmosphere.
VAIA_Dark Platinum_16

Dornbracht’s Brushed Dark Platinum finish gives the bathroom an elegant tone, focused on the rounded forms of TARA.


Sets an expressive tone at the washstand: TARA in Dark Chrome.

Premium design modern shower minimalistic

META in the Matte Black finish creates exciting contrasts and a more modern look in the shower. 

Premium design washbasin faucet elegant

Depending on the combination, the setting for the Matte Black finish in the bathroom can be highly-contrasting or unobtrusive. 

A variety of designs - dark finishes


Brushed Dark Platinum

Brushed Dark Platinum is a silk-matte finish that is lightly brushed with a velvety finish, to give an exquisite and exceptional feel. It combines the timeless beauty of Platinum with a dark, metallic colouring. The elegant finish gives the fittings a striking aura and sets a distinctive tone in your bathroom. 


Matte Black

The Matte Black finish is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is also exceptionally robust and durable. It creates a timeless and stylish ambience in the bathroom that respects modern demands, as well as classical elegance. The Matte Black finish goes with different styles, from modern and minimalist, to elegant and luxurious. It radiates comfort, at the same time as setting a natural-looking and contemporary tone. Its distinctive look makes Matte Black a versatile choice for sophisticated bathroom designs.


Dark Chrome

A reinterpretation of a classic: Dark Chrome combines the highly-polished finish of classic Chrome with a warm and mystical hue. A modern finish that lends a sensuous element to the bathroom – yet also emphasizes the precise forms of our bathroom fittings. 

Inspirations for your bathroom: Dark finishes

aDornbracht_Luxushaus_MarSARchitekten_Tara_black_matt (13)

Private residence - Nederlands © M ar S Architecten


Private residence - Sweden © Maria-Thérèse Kazantzidou

Dornbracht-Reference-Hotel-Indigo-DenHaag-Tara-Mattblack (3)

Hotel Indigo the Hague - Palace Noordeinde - The Hague © Hotel Indigo The Hague - Palace Noordeinde


Private residence, Schattenbox - Vienna Woods © SUPERREAL – SUPERLAB Dold und Hasenauer OG

OneOcean Club - Bath 1

OneOcean Club - Barcelona, Marina Port Vell © OneOcean Port Vell

Kielemoes-TARA-matte black2

Private residence - Sint-Eloois-Winkel © CAFEINE

Reference Designhotel Laurichhof Pirna

Designhotel Laurichhof - Pirna © www.seidelstudios.de

Dornbracht-Hotel YUP-Tara black-Belgium Hugo Thomassen (3)

Hotel YUP Hugo Thomassen - Hasselt © Sutherland Design

Collage 18_Zeus Individual

Individual creation, from a minimum quantity of one

Do you have your own ideas? We make your wishes come true. The options range from individual finishes, colours and textures to refinements with the material of choice.  

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Our x-TRA Service team looks forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas.

Premium innovation washbasin faucet extravagant

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