Golden finishes for bathroom fittings

Intense radiance

Elegant and exclusive: Our golden finishes

With brushed or gloss versions of Gold (23.9-karat), Durabrass (23-karat Gold) and Champagne (22-karat Gold), Dornbracht offers finishes of top quality and timeless elegance. They owe their exclusivity to the use of real gold, and many manual finishing touches during production.  

  • Perfection

    The perfection of our golden finishes is evident in every detail.

Exclusive finishes for modern bathroom interiors

Decide to make a special statement: Golden finishes convey luxury and classical beauty in the bathroom.

Pure elegance on the washstand: TARA in Brushed Champagne sets an elegant tone and makes the bathroom environment seem stylish and classical. The exclusive shade puts the focus on the iconic design of the basin fitting.

Premium design rain shower timeless

In the shower, golden finishes create a luxurious yet comfortable ambience.

Premium innovation washbasin faucet classic

A perfect match: The seemingly nostalgic MADISON series in the Durabrass (23kt Gold) finish. The characteristic faceting of the spout makes the most of the shine.

Premium design washbasin faucet puristic

MEM embodies the principle of natural beauty. The warm golden colour of Brushed Durabrass (23kt Gold) emphasizes its harmonious and timeless form


The inner glow: The iconic Tara design in the Brushed Durabrass (23kt Gold) finish has both an inner and outer glow. A perfect combination of radiance and charismatic design.

Using colourful precious metals

Especially sumptuous finishes are produced by using colourful precious metals, such as gold or palladium. Golden finishes from Dornbracht with 22-kt, 23-kt or 23.9-kt real gold combine warmth and elegance in an exclusive shade.

Durabrass (23kt Gold)

A material of exceptional radiance: The warm golden colour of Durabrass (23kt Gold) is fascinating, and enhances any interior. Refined with 23-karat gold, the finish celebrates the authentic aura of the sumptuous precious metal. The use of real gold makes the finish especially sumptuous, and lends it a natural and exquisite elegance.  


Brushed Durabrass (23kt Gold)

The matte variant, Brushed Durabrass, also has a fascinating and intense glow. The surface has a silk finish which sets a refined tone and can be integrated into any colour and style collection. 


Champagne (22kt Gold)

Champagne (22kt Gold) is noted for its modern, light-golden colouring. Compared to Durabrass and Gold, Champagne is far lighter and appears cooler, due to its white undertone.


Brushed Champagne (22kt Gold)

The Brushed Champagne finish is given its impressive depth of colour and brilliance by a unique matting process.

Inspirations for your bathroom: Golden finishes

20211109 NapierPl-109

Kensington Mews House - London © Anna Stathaki / Finkernagel Ross

Reference Oscarsgate Oslo

Private residence - Oslo © private owner


Private residence - Oslo © private owner


Hotel Britannia - Trondheim © Britannia Hotel


Hotel Britannia - Trondheim © Britannia Hotel


Can Bordoy Grand House and Garden - Palma de Mallorca © Dornbracht


Can Bordoy Grand House and Garden - Palma de Mallorca © Dornbracht


Can Bordoy Grand House and Garden - Palma de Mallorca © Dornbracht

03b_Dornbracht_Ceresio 7

Ceresio 7 I Gym and Spa © Dornbracht


Ceresio 7 I Gym and Spa © Dornbracht


Perfection in all dimensions

Finishes from Dornbracht are noted for their consummate flawlessness, impressive depth of colour, and excellent resistance. These qualities are the result of a highly precise and elaborate refinement process.


Individual creation, from a minimum quantity of one

Do you have your own ideas? We make your wishes come true. The options range from individual finishes, colours and textures to refinements with the material of choice.  

Talk to us.

Our x-TRA Service team looks forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas.

Premium innovation washbasin faucet timeless

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