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Dornbracht Characters – A Matter of Charisma

Dornbracht fittings are not interchangeable and arbitrary, they are charismatic, distinctive, and expressive – leading the way in pro-viding impetus and inspiration. They each embody an independent identity, so not only are the products superbly designed, they are also: characters.

Dornbracht luxury bathroom faucets touchfree infrared

Dornbracht Touchfree: Washbasin faucets with touchless technology

Dornbracht Touchfree is a touchless bathroom faucet for use in upscale semipublic locations. These fittings can operate using either infrared or radar technology and are available in a number of design and finish variations, making them an aesthetically and technically convincing solution for a wide range of applications. The aesthetics: minimalist. The freedom of design: greater than ever.


Washbasin faucets

We offer a wide variety of individual solutions for your bathroom. The result is modern washbasin faucets with clear lines, precise edges, exact angles and radii – perfectly finished.

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Design principles

Based on our own design principles, we have created a wide portfolio of icons, designs and finishes. Personalities for your individual needs and style - for your bathroom.


Variety in finishes

Our curated finishes offer you a variety of high-quality solutions for a wide range of styles and architectures. The handpicked selection of finishes guarantees aesthetic longevity.


Showroom finder

Find qualified showrooms in your area who can advise and support you in the selection, planning and installation of your Dornbracht products.

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