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Creative design of themed suites and bathrooms

The Laurichhof in Pirna, near Dresden, is not a classic design hotel with a uniform design concept that has been thoroughly developed in all areas. Rather, the hotel, which opened in August 2019, combines a variety of creative interior design ideas in its 27 suites, each of which could serve as the basis for completely independent hotels.

The variety is not arbitrary. Rather, the hotel sets unique accents in each suite according to an individual and clear motto and thus consistently follows its idea of offering its guests and visitors inspiration with a multifaceted and contrasting range of “dream worlds” – also for their own four walls. From the balcony furniture to the living room and kitchen to the bedroom, each suite is equipped throughout with designer furniture pieces that can be purchased after the test living.

„A design hotel as versatile as its guests, as inspiring as a showroom and as homely as a more beautiful home.“
The joint motto for the project

The themes vary from romantic to classical to modern and are designated with sometimes imaginative word creations:

“Palazzo de Medici,” “Blueberry Fields,” “Under the Sea,” “Cloud 7” and “Spotlight,” to name just a few examples. The styles also boldly merge into one another. The focus is always on the creativity of the design and the unique experience of the guest. In the bathrooms, the themes of the suites are just as consistently pursued and thus offer detailed inspiration for those interested. Here you will find extraordinary, creative design ideas that cannot be found in such abundance even in a classic showroom.

Based on the themes, designers Annette Katrin Seidel and her son Franz Philip Seidel from Seidel+Architekten chose, among others, the VAIA series in Dark Platinum Matt for “Blueberry Fields”, META in Chrome for “Schachmatt” and LULU, also in Chrome, for “Wolke 7”.

In the “Blueberry Fields” bathroom, the tone-setting color blueberry on the vanity and shelf is skillfully accentuated by the surroundings with flat dark tones and suggested ornaments that pick up on the baroque character of the mirror frame. This is matched by VAIA in Brushed Dark Platinum, a finish that emphasizes the silky shimmer of the entire suite and enhances the velvety feel of the room concept to the touch.

“Checkmate” refers to a suite whose walls, including the bathroom, are designed in a generous gesture with squares and circles in black and white. Matching circular accessories, such as mirrors and lamps, with the wall fittings of the META series in Chrome.

In the “Cloud 7” suite, walls and ceilings are painted in sky blue, while tiles that look like little clouds carry guests to heaven in the bathroom. Here, at the vanity, the architect family chose the single-lever basin mixer from the LULU series in Chrome.


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