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About Dornbracht products

What do Dornbracht products cost and where can information be obtained?
Where can I see or buy Dornbracht products near me?
Does Dornbracht offer kitchen sinks in other colors besides black?


I like the Dornbracht finishes. How can I obtain a finish sample?
I would like to sample Dornbracht products for my customer. How can I receive a product sample?

Kitchen fittings and finishes

I need a finish that is not listed in the selection of finishes available for the fitting I want. Is there a chance I can get it anyway?
Are other kitchen fittings available in black matte, SYNC for example?
Does Dornbracht offer kitchen sinks in other colors besides black?

Cleaning recommendations

What is the best way to clean Dornbracht fittings?
What is the best way to clean black enameled steel kitchen sinks?

Request a service call

How does the customer service request work?

Spare parts

Where can I find technical information on Dornbracht spare parts?
I need a spare part. Where are spare parts available?
What does the spare part cost?
I need assistance with the assembly of my spare part. Who can I contact?

Technical facts

How does the temperature setting on a Dornbracht thermostatic fitting work?
Why does my rain shower drip briefly after closing the faucet?
How high should a wall-mounted vanity faucet be placed above the vanity?
Why is the water at my thermostatic faucet slightly colder than at the vanity, for example?
Do Dornbracht fittings require maintenance?
How long is the warranty on Dornbracht products?

x-tra Service

Are Dornbracht finishes offered for all design collections?
Does Dornbracht offer a reprocessing service?
Can I also have my Dornbracht product individually labelled?
How do I best describe my desired individualization?
Can I adapt the dimensions of my Dornbracht product?


Since when has Dornbracht been working intensively on the topic of sustainability?
How does the sustainability issue affect long-term corporate strategy?
What is Dornbracht's official environmental policy?
Does CO2 neutrality relate to the entire value chain or only to on-site production?
How has the water consumption of your products changed during the past years?
How do you qualify your suppliers in terms of sustainability?
What is the average life cycle of a product series compared to the competition?
What is the reason for the high durability of Dornbracht products?
Why are you focusing on only six of the UN's goals?

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