The Graceful

The VAIA kitchen fitting – elegant and harmonious

VAIA forges the link between traditional and contemporary elements of style, combining tradition and modernity. The characteristic features of VAIA include soft radii, a refined silhouette, and flowing transitions. The delicate lines and open silhouette of its graceful design language create a balance between the familiar and the new.

  • Graceful

    VAIA owes its grace and elegance to the soft radii, refined silhouette and flowing transitions that are its characteristic features.

According to Your Taste

The rinsing spray at the side and the Pot Filler help you with everyday chores in the kitchen. Award-winning design is combined here with the best functionality, to match your needs and your style.

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The VAIA product world in the kitchen: Kitchen fittings in a timeless design, with individual finishes and functional miscellaneous:

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VAIA Pull-Down

Greater flexibility and convenience for changing flow modes. The flow mode of the fully-extended pull-out element can be effortlessly changed from an air-enriched flow to a spray flow, while the water is running.

Variety in VAIA finishes

VAIA offers a range of ways to customise your kitchen design with finishes that are exceptionally colourful and also look fantastic.

Metropolitan Eclecticism

Discover the new VAIA kitchen architecture. A modern kitchen-cum-living room with a metropolitan spirit. Different influences and styles harmonise as a matter of course. 


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