Knee pain

Comfort your knee and relieve restrictive pains

Water therapy for knee pain

Knee pain is something that affects nearly 25% of adults today by limiting function and mobility and impairing their quality of life. Relief can be found in many different ways including medication, physical therapy, surgery, and alternative healthcare such as water therapy for knee pain.

Common causes of knee pain: Knee pain results from many different injuries and diseases which affect muscle control, restrict movement, reduce strength, and hinder mobility. The most common causes of knee pain include sprains and strains to the ligaments, arthritis, overuse, fractures, gout, and obesity. However, it is possible to get relief from knee pain if you take time to heal, make changes your activity level or lifestyle, and try new treatments such as knee hydrotherapy to relieve your pain.

In addition to office visits with your doctor or physical therapist, it is important that you commit to improving your own health and wellness. You may need to exercise, reduce activity that puts strain on the knees, and try alternative means of pain relief like various forms of water therapy for knee pain.


Leg affusion

Health benefit:

  • Firms the skin

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Encourages sleep

Time of day: For relaxation after a demanding day, 1– 2 hours before going to bed (about 45 seconds)

Application: Start at the outside toe of your right foot and run the cold stream of water along the outside of your right leg as far as the groin. Stay there for a while and then move back down along the inside of the leg. Repeat the application on your left leg in the same way.


Leg shower

Dornbracht has developed LEG SHOWER, which provides an automated contrast shower for invigorating water therapy to refresh your body, boost your natural defenses and immune system, and reduce or prevent the appearance of unattractive varicose or spider veins. The LEG SHOWER has four WATER BARS mounted in the shower at calf-height, which cover the legs from the side and from the back with voluminous raindrops to provide a unique hydromassage. You can create your own LEG SHOWER program or choose from pre-set signature treatments developed with health and wellness experts.

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Dornbracht LifeSpa

The brochure featuring our spa solutions - turn your bathroom into a wellness space.

Dornbracht spa solutions provide relief in the comfort of home

Dornbracht spa solutions make it easy to integrate a daily massage into your life - even while showering. With a small amount of additional time, you will receive a hydromassage that can relax your body and mind while easing tension, strengthening your immune system in the long term, and reducing your knee pain almost immediately. The Dornbracht spa solutions provide you with harmonious water treatments, light and fragrance. Whether standing, seated or reclining, you will enjoy an experience unlike any you’ve had before. These private spa solutions are an invitation to relax, unwind, heal, and linger just a moment longer in total bliss.



Ready to elevate your shower experience? WATER MODULES transform the shower into a spa-like atmosphere that reinvigorates the body and mind. Combine various spray and flow modes for a completely customized space.


Shower solutions

Your bathroom, your personal oasis. Design a shower that meets your personal health and wellness needs.


Spa principles

Our spa products are based on the principles of three pillars: Kneipp, Aquapressure and Bliss. These principles ever present in our product solutions and water applications.

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