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Aquapressure therapy with intensive massage modules

The Intense Massage flow was deliberately devised to make it possible to experience the positive effect of Aquapressure at home with special massage jets specifically designed to stimulate the body’s meridians and selected pressure points.  Dornbracht has developed two special massage jets (WATER FAN and WATER CURVE) for the effective use of aquapressure therapy in your own bathroom. These Water Modules allow you to integrate water massages independently and comfortably into everyday life at any time. 


WATER CURVE provides a soothing massage of the neck and shoulders as a powerful jet fans out into many small water particles and exerts an intensive massage effect. At the same time, it is relaxing and gentle on the skin. Both the water pressure and the height of the fixture can be adjusted for a truly custom massage experience. 


A way to achieve a relaxing massage of the entire back is also available in the Dornbracht WATERFAN. Massage modules with an intensive vertical jet located at the thoracic vertebrae and a horizontal jet in the lumbar region ensure a complete massage of the back at every vertebrae. The nozzles can be adjusted easily to fit your exact body size, and the xTOOL thermostat module allows all outlets to be controlled simultaneously or individually to provide the exact massage experience you need any time you step into your shower.

„Because the combination of pressure and warmth also boosts the immune system and the body’s natural defences.“
Dr. Christoph Stumpe is head of the famous Shen Men Institute in Düsseldorf. An expert on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the accredited sports scientist got together with Dornbracht to develop Aquapressure – water massage for the home.

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„At Dornbracht, awareness of the beneficial and health-promoting effects of water is of fundamental importance. To enhance and perfect this awareness, we cooperate extensively with leading experts. Their knowledge and expertise flow into our product solutions.“
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