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Individual creation, from a minimum quantity of one
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Everything starts with your idea

We manufacture customised products based on your vision: From a quantity of one, in outstanding manufacturing quality and with almost infinite design freedom. For one-offs that are as unique as your idea.

With 70 years of experience and an uncompromising approach to craftsmanship, quality and design, the Dornbracht team realises customised solutions for you. Whether it's small adjustments or completely customised products: We have the manufacturing expertise, the design expertise and the flexibility to realise your ideas in style and with the best possible quality. There are no limits to your imagination.

Optimise, configure, personalise: We offer you a wide range of individualisation options - from customised structural modifications to highly exclusive special designs.

Technical adjustments

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Tailor-made elegance

Dornbracht fittings are used in a wide variety of bathrooms and kitchens around the world. From private homes and exclusive spas to luxury hotels and yachts. Each of these areas of application has its own requirements and demands flexible solutions. Dimensional adjustments, such as the length and projection of fittings, are therefore just as much a part of our service as functional modifications, for example to the flow rate or the labelling of our products.

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Cold/hot water labelling

Cold/hot water labelling: For our standard taps, we use a simple bar symbol to indicate the water temperature in favour of the design. If classic red and blue labelling is required instead, we can implement this quickly and easily. You can choose between different designs for the entire product range.

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Functional pictograms

Functional pictograms: We have a wide range of functional pictograms that we can apply to your taps as required - for example, to indicate which handle belongs to which spout.

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Change in the flow rate

Change in the flow rate: The x-tra service gives you numerous options for reducing or increasing the flow rate of your selected Dornbracht fitting - and thus adapting it to your personal requirements.

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Geometric-technical adaptations

Geometric-technical adaptations: The dimensions of your tap do not match the selected furniture or other spatial conditions? In order to be able to offer a solution in such situations, the x-tra service has a large number of predefined variants ready for you - whether for the washbasin, the shower or the water point in the kitchen. You can also choose from numerous customised options for accessories such as towel rails or grab rails, allowing you to put together the perfect solution. Still not perfect? Then customised dimensions are of course also available on request.

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Glass mounting

Glass mounting: Would you like to install towel rails or handles on glass? We will be happy to check the feasibility and offer you a customized solution.

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Adjustment of the rosette size

Adjustment of the rosette size: Sometimes structural conditions require a larger rosette than the standard size. Or mistakes are made during installation and drill holes that are too large need to be levelled out. In such cases, it is not necessary to replace the tiles - the x-tra service provides an uncomplicated remedy by simply adapting the rosette.

Which individualization request can we fulfill for you?

Exclusive variations

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Our service for individual solutions

Individual living spaces are created through individual design decisions. That's why we have always offered our customers and project partners more than just "standard": with curated design, colour and surface variants and almost endless customisation options, we want to inspire you and help you create outstanding architectural and interior worlds. We cooperate with selected partner brands in order to be able to offer you particularly exclusive designs.


Expansion of the surface variety

Expansion of the surface variety: Even if the Dornbracht fitting you have chosen is not available in a specific finish as standard, you do not have to do without your desired finish. The possibilities are virtually unlimited, and we can achieve them using electroplating, PVD, powder coating or wet painting.


Individual colours

Individual colours: Do you want a specific colour for your fitting? For many series, we implement the entire spectrum of RAL colours as a lacquer finish - from a quantity of one. Please contact us to discuss your personal ideas.

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Customised logos and symbols

Customised logos and symbols: Logos and symbols on taps are not only in demand in the hotel and contract business, they also set special accents in private bathrooms. Whether family crests, initials or other images - our x-tra service team will be happy to fulfil your wishes.

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Structures: Create visual and tactile highlights in the bathroom with unique textures, for example on the tap body or handles. The x-tra service will be happy to realise your creative ideas in terms of surface texture. Get in touch with us.

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Mother-of-pearl and natural shell handles

Exclusively for the MEM range, our partner Nature Squared manufactures unusual handles from natural materials - such as shells, mother-of-pearl or eggshells. In combination with our tap surfaces, this results in a variety of unique combinations that can be requested via the x-tra service.

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Glass handles

In collaboration with our long-standing partner Glass Design, we offer luxurious glass handles for the MEM range as part of the x-tra service. The "Clivia" and "Ice" design variants produced by the Italian manufacturer are available in two heights and in all MEM standard surfaces.


Bi-colour variants

We create special highlights in the surface design for our META and VAIA series. Using the x-tra service, you can choose from three curated bi-colour variants that we have developed in cooperation with Sieger Design.

Which individualization request can we fulfill for you?

Personal unique pieces

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Your idea – handcrafted by Dornbracht

Your vision is our benchmark. Our range therefore also includes the highest level of customisation: the implementation of our own design solutions. We work closely with our experts at Dornbracht to turn your ideas into reality. You can rely on the precise, detailed production of the highest quality.

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Customised products

Customised products: We keep our own production capacities free for this special x-tra service: on request, we can realise designs outside our product portfolio for you or combine elements of existing design series to create a new product according to your specifications.

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Customised handles and levers

Customised handles and levers: You also have complete freedom when it comes to the design of the handles and levers. We can create designs in any shape, colour and finish on request to give your fitting an unmistakable design.

Which individualization request can we fulfill for you?

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