The kitchen – more than just somewhere to cook

The kitchen is the place where we come together. A space full of emotion, life and individuality. ​With Dornbracht, you have maximum creative freedom for your kitchen: designer faucets that can be customized via surface finishes, functions and control elements.

Dornbracht Kitchen design series

Dornbracht products embody a signature aesthetic that ensures timeless appeal. This consistency allows seamless integration into a variety of design styles. Make your modern aesthetic kitchen
stand out with our Design Collections.

Space for lively togetherness - high-quality design in the kitchen

Elegant. Minimalist. Industrial. Form meets function in an exciting mix of materials and textures, click through our gallery of luxurious kitchens with cool contrasts.

This kitchen design is timeless, enduring and inviting: with light marble, fine natural wood, and warm, brass-coloured touches. At the heart of this architecture features our luxury kitchen faucet TARA. Its archetypal design language seems familiar, yet always modern. A timeless design, fitting perfectly into a setting somewhere between tradition and the present day.

MEM _Brushed_Platinum_01

A kitchen for all those who love nature just as much as they love their city: a touch of greenery in their own home. Such surroundings are the natural habitat for MEM in Brushed Platinum: Its clear, elementary form and matte finish radiate warmth and originality.


A harmonious ensemble for a modern, function-oriented kitchen: TARA ULTRA meets soft nuances, and matte finishes and materials. Expressive tiles, wood, natural stone such as onyx or marble, and brass touches create an exciting contrast to cool, stainless steel.

LOT_Brushed Dark Platinum_01

Timeless black is layered in different nuances and textures for a dark kitchen idea: a minimalist and modern environment, where the LOT fitting in Brushed Dark Platinum takes its place as a sculptural highlight.


A kitchen that changes constantly, and always reflects new ideas and inspirations. Versatile META SQUARE is the ideal faucet in this environment: its reduced form makes it extremely variable, and although it can be combined in many ways, it never loses its aesthetic appeal.


In this open kitchen concept, modern and traditional elements of style are combined with taste and variety: kitchen wallpaper, varnished wood and natural stone, together with stainless steel and geometric shapes, create special touches for an innovative kitchen design.


Our expertise for your luxury kitchen

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New model kitchen inspiration from around the world.

How to design your dream kitchen with our luxury faucets. Let extraordinary projects from around the world inspire you!
Dornbracht +Victoria+Albert Bath_01_Photo_Agnese_Sanvito (7)

Private residence - London © Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG

aDornbracht_Luxushaus_MarSARchitekten_Tara_black_matt (17)

Private residence - Netherlands © M ar S Architecten

Dornbracht_Luxury_House_LULU_Tara_Ultra_Bath_Kitchen (5)

Private residence, Zig Zag House - Los Angeles © Dan Brunn Architecture | Photographer Brandon Shigeta


Private residence, Apartment - Berlin © private owner


Future Evolution House - Vienna © Future Evolution House® (Oona und Matthias Horx) | Photographer Klaus Vyhnalek

014 studio lex de gooijer interiors Rotterdam

Private residence - Kralingen © private owner

Dornbracht_Villa_Oberhausen_Luxusbad_Spa_MEM_Horizontal_Shower_Sensory_Sky (5)

Private residence,- Oberhausen © private owner

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