Our efforts in tackling climate change consists of taking small steps forward

Since being founded, the Dornbracht name has stood for product durability and design that lasts. We are also committed to sustainable manufacturing and the responsible use of our products. We have successfully undertaken numerous water and energy saving projects, and we also began producing and selling CO2-neutral products in 2021. Through innovative products and solutions, Dornbracht is dedicated to continuously improving the energy and resource efficiency to maintain its goal of increasing its contribution towards climate change.

Our sustainability projects: The Dornbracht way


Carbon neutrality

Dornbracht has been carbon neutral since the end of 2021: Regarding our own emissions (Scope 1) and those of our energy suppliers (Scope 2). We have implemented several measures to reduce CO2 emissions in both production and sales; however, as we are a manufacturing company, we cannot completely reduce the emissions to zero. We compensate for those remaining shares with external CO2 certificates.


Production management

We pay close attention to the cleanliness and resource efficiency in production, as well as maintaining high standards in our health and safety. Excess materials are recycled at a rate of 96% (calculated based on plant operations) via our waste management system. Our state-of-the-art extraction and filter systems bind liquid and dust pollutants together so that these do not escape and pollute the environment.


Water management

Since 2010, we have been able to significantly reduce the average water consumption of our washbasin fittings: 50% for our overhead and rain showers, and 45% for our hand showers.


Energy management

In 2015, Dornbracht introduced a compliant ISO 50001 energy management system, helping the company to save 1.7 million kWh per year. This corresponds to a reduction of 12% compared to the baseline for the years 2012 and 2014. Since the end of 2021, all electricity used at the Dornbracht locations has derived exclusively from the renewable energy plants.


Material management

Dornbracht was the first manufacturer in Europe to convert to all lead-free materials as it relates to water consumption, in accordance with the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). This means that Dornbracht products meet the world's strictest standards and fall far below the specified limits.


Supply chains and procurement

With our production base in Iserlohn, we are committing to high quality manufacturing in an environmentally friendly manner. Therefore, we place significant value in the short procurement routes and proximity of our suppliers. Due to this, most of the raw materials and preliminary products come from the regional radius of up to 200km, with a total of 80% of the materials coming from Germany and 98% from Europe.


Long-lasting design

As a design leader in the industry, we aspire to create products that are ahead of their time yet remain timeless. With our clearly defined design principles, we pay close attention to perfect proportions, harmony, and balance. This results in the aesthetic timeline of our product’s longevity.


Durability and repairability

Our high-quality products require little maintenance and last for generations. Spare parts remain available for at least 10 years even after a series has been discontinued. Additionally, we now offer a 5-year warranty on our products. To ensure that our customers can enjoy their Dornbracht products for as long as possible, our x-tra service offers complete restoration of the function and refinement of the individual fittings – even if they are no longer available - allowing us to save valuable resources.

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Whenever possible, we value a modern corporate culture with flexible working arrangements. As a training company and through internal promotions, we offer attractive positions in the region. We are particularly proud that we have been working with many of our employees for decades, where over 50% of our employees have been with Dornbracht for more than 10 years.


UN sustainability goals

Dornbracht is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Our focus is on the ecological goals such as Sustainable Consumption and Production (No. 12), Climate Protection Measures (No. 13), and Clean Water and Sanitation (No. 6). At the same time, we put people first and are particularly committed to the UN Goals of Health and Well-Being (No. 3), Quality Education (No. 4), and Eliminating Inequalities (No. 10).



Dornbracht has ISO 9001 certification. The quality management system we have implemented helps us consistently improve our processes and products.


Dornbracht has ISO 14001 certification. The environmental management system we have implemented helps us achieve our environmental objectives.


Dornbracht has ISO 50001 certification. The energy management system we have implemented helps us reduce our energy requirement for a more sustainable use of resources.

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