The impressive depth of colour, outstanding brilliance and resistance of Dornbracht finishes are captivating. They are the result of highly-specialised processing. Craftsmanship and advanced technology are inextricably linked at Dornbracht.

The highest standards for aesthetics and functionality

Sumptuous and exclusive

Durable and long-lasting

A safe option

The right technology for every colour

We use different coating processes to ensure a perfect result in every colour. Whether electroplating, PVD, wet-paint coating, or powder coating: We choose the perfect technology for every finish.

Electroplating technology

Our production has one of the most modern plating plants in the world at its disposal. Thanks to innovative technology and years of experience, Dornbracht can offer plated finishes of exceptional beauty, quality and durability.


The physical vapour deposition (PVD) method allows us to create a wide range of colours. PVD finishes from Dornbracht owe their great durability, remarkable shine, and exquisite feel to their high-quality base layer.

Powder coating/wet paint coating

Powder coating/wet paint coating offer a wide range of colours and special effects. The exceptional quality of the powder coating is ensured by the smooth and even pretreatment of the surface. Then the electrostatically charged coloured powder is applied using a spray gun, and burned into the surface. This not only gives it a unique appeal, it also endows great resistance.