Dornbracht Deque Chrome Luxury Bathroom Inspiration



Wide space. Form. Clarity. No compromises.

DEQUE departs from typical design principles. It is radical. It is challenging. It unites complete contrasts with skillful vehemence. Simplified and geometric in nature, the fitting puts the element of water at center stage.

Elegant reduction: DEQUE integrates seamlessly into a high-contrast design bathroom with warm wood tones and concrete.

Its flat, low form directs the attention to the essential element: the presentation of water.

The name DEQUE is a spin on the word “deck,” as the fitting was inspired by the large, flat surface.

Modern landscape architecture serves as the inspiration for the interior. The atmosphere is in contrast to the radical design and gentle flow of water, hence, DEQUE sets a sculptural tone in the bathroom.

DEQUE has a statement-making, intelligent aura that is best showcased with matte black and polished chrome finishes.

DEQUE offers many different finish options. The series is available in the high-gloss polished chrome finish and the elegant platinum matte.

There are also lots of design options for the shower application area: Choose from a large selection of outlet points, such as rain shower and side shower or the stream outlet.

DEQUE offers numerous options for the tub application area, such as the choice between the tub inlet as a standing or wall-mounted variant.

The fitting captivates the imagination with its unique presentations of water: both as a surging cascade of water and as a gentle individual stream in the washstand. 

The stream, consisting of 13 individual streams, provides an especially pleasant and water-saving flow for washing of the hands.

Dornbracht Deque Chrome Luxury Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Deque Chrome Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

DEQUE is notable for its contrasts:

water gently flows from the masculine form of the fitting characterized by its wide, flat outlet and additional cylindrical operating elements.

Dornbracht Deque Black Matte Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Discover the fascinating product world of DEQUE: reduced bathroom fitting designs for washstands, showers and tubs.

Dornbracht Deque Bathroom 33500740

Single-lever lavatory mixer with drain

Art. No. 33500740

Dornbracht Deque Bathroom 28765980

Rain shower wall-mounted

Art. No. 28765980

Dornbracht Deque Bathroom 36503780 3x36607740

xTOOL thermostat with three volume controls

Art. No. 36503780 + 3x 36607740

Dornbracht Deque Bathroom 27808980

Hand shower set with individual flanges

Art. No. 27808980

Dornbracht Deque Bathroom 13630740

Cascade tub spout without diverter for deck-mounted installation

Art. No. 13630740

DEQUE is characterized by masculinity of design that highlights the flat, wide spout.

Comprised of basic geometric shapes, the design is bold and revolutionary at the same time.

radical. geometric. fluid.

Water design

With its avantgarde flair, the flat and wide design characteristics of DEQUE puts the element of water at center stage. This presentation can take different forms: as a cascading wall of water or a delicate individual stream in the washstand.


DEQUE is characterized by a masculinity of design that draws attention to the flat, wide spout. Comprised of two basic shapes at the core, the design is highly geometric and bold. The spout has a new physiognomy that shifts the focus to its wide, flat surface.


Striking contrasts: between the gentle flow of water and the bold, masculine shape of the fitting, contrasting elements is especially characteristic of DEQUE.

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Dornbracht Deque Chrome Luxury Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Bathroom Inspiration
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