Dornbracht Finishes Bathroom Inspiration


Intensity, depth and brilliance.

Functional and aesthetically durable.

In addition to quality excellence in manufacturing, Dornbracht finishes are also functional and aesthetically durable. With our carefully curated finishes, from classical Chrome, Platinum and Patinum matte, Brass and Brass matte, to the collections Architecture and Fashion, we offer sophisticated solutions for a variety of interiors. Our xTra-Service is available for additional custom solutions starting with quantities of one.

Classic Finishes

Timeless and elegant, our classic finishes are at home in any style world. Neutral, unobtrusive and versatile, they can be used in any bathroom to ensure aesthetic harmony. The classic chrome, platinum and brass surfaces accentuate the design of a fitting and emphasize its shape without being a distraction. In doing so, they bring balance to its surrounding architecture and design. The finish DARK PLATINUM MATT radiates a sense of comfort, giving the bathroom both an archaic and contemporary feel.

Dornbracht CL1 Chrom Bathroom Inspiration

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes platin matt

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes messing matt

Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes messing


Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes dark platinum

Dark Platinum matte


The Fashion collection offers a carefully curated ensemble of expressive colors that are confidently assertive in contemporary interiors. Pastel green represents awareness of nature and the environment; light rose radiates modernity, familiarity and warmth. Soft grey blue has a cool Nordic tone, whereas vibrant yellow is reminiscent of the industrial world, evoking energy and progress.

Dornbracht Meta Yellow Bathroom Inspiration

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes Fashion Collection

Fashion Collection

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes pastel green

Pastel Green

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes light rosa

Light Rose

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes grey blue

Grey Blue

Dornbracht Tara Black Bathroom Inspiration


Minimalist through and through, the Architectural collection speaks the universal language of timelessness. Monochrome elegance is redefined. Matte black has become a predominant color in bathroom design combining simplicity and modernity. Varying tones of grey make for ideal combinations and bring balance to every interior. Matte white breaks with tradition to bring elegance and modern appeal to contemporary bathroom design.

Dornbracht Finishes Architecture Collection

Architectural Collection

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes black matt

Black matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes white matt

White matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes light grey

Light Grey

Dornbracht Bathroom Finishes dark grey

Dark Grey

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