Dornbracht Supernova champagne Bathroom Inspiration


Like a crystal.

SUPERNOVA attracts all the attention. 

It has a confident and assertive presence. Like a perfectly cut crystal, it reflects its surroundings. Its volume and polygonal surfaces are an expression of its boldness and unmistakable character.  

SUPERNOVA is a fitting with high sculptural quality, its numerous angles and polygonal surfaces being reminiscent of a perfectly cut crystal. 

The fitting reflects the idea behind the architecture just as much as the architecture reflects the idea behind the fitting. 

The multifaceted nature of the fitting is also conveyed to the individual bathroom architecture. A fitting made for bathrooms that stand out from the rest. 

SUPERNOVA is also available as a free-standing fitting for washbasin and bathtub applications. 

There are numerous design options for showers: Choose from a large selection of outlet points, such as the rain shower, side shower, or cascade spout. 

In bathrooms with a progressive design, SUPERNOVA impresses with its geometric and minimalist design. The designer fitting accentuates the interior with its high sculptural quality. 

SUPERNOVA offers numerous products for washbasin applications – from the one-handle mixer to the three-hole faucet, which is available in two different handle variants.

The fitting is named after a supernova, a sudden, extremely bright explosion of a star. With Supernova, this radiance manifests itself in many different, ever-changing reflections of its surroundings.

Dornbracht Supernova chrome Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Supernova chrome Bathroom Inspiration

Straight-lined architecture gives SUPERNOVA brilliant moments that are full of contrast. A design that lives up to its claim of brilliance down to the smallest detail.

Dornbracht Supernova chrome Bathroom Inspiration

Discover the fascinating SUPERNOVA product range: Progressive bathroom fitting designs for washbasin, shower and bath. 
Dornbracht Supernova Bathroom 33500730
Single-lever basin mixer with pop-up waste

Art. No. 33500730

Dornbracht Supernova Bathroom 28775980
Rain shower with ceiling fixing

Art. No. 26775980

Dornbracht Supernova Bathroom 27808730
Hand shower set with individual rosettes

Art. No. 27808730

Dornbracht Supernova Bathroom 36416780 3x36310730
xTOOL Thermostat module with 3 valves

Art. No. 36416780 + 3x 36310730

Dornbracht Supernova Bathroom 13630730
Bath cascade spout without diverter for deck mounting

Art. No. 13630730

A lustrous accent 

Progressive style defines the unique character of SUPERNOVA. Watch the video to experience the effect of this extraordinary, eye-catching fitting.  

SUPERNOVA is a fitting of high sculptural quality. 

The design is characterized by numerous angles and polygonal surfaces. With its sharply angled corners and rectangular surfaces, the shape of the fitting is reminiscent of a perfectly cut crystal that consistently reflects the light and objects surrounding it in new and different ways.

luxurious. powerful. daring.

The distinctive, progressive design of SUPERNOVA is accentuated by the geometry of the spout and the controls. The slightly forward-leaning design gives it a dynamic look. 

Sculptural elegance

A fitting of high sculptural quality that plays with light and light refraction. A fitting made for bathrooms designed to stand out from the rest.

Numerous design combinations

Different handle designs and finishes match personal preferences in design and comfort. In addition to cube-shaped handles, lever handles offer additional possibilities to individualize bathroom design.

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Dornbracht Supernova chrome Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht Bathroom Inspiration
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Dornbracht Bathroom Chrome Finish
Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Champagne Finish

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