How can water enrich our lives? How can bath and spa contribute to a better quality of life, vitality, and happiness? These questions are the starting point for every innovation at Dornbracht – and take center stage in the new Bathroom Inspiration Book.

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Bathroom Inspiration Book

dornbracht water competence

Titled “Your Place of Retreat”, the book takes the reader on a journey into the personal and sacred space of the bathroom – in a distinctively aesthetic, playfully intuitive, and inspiring way. At the heart of the publication: Dornbracht's design icons, the wide range of water applications, as well as surface collections and the topic of individualization.

The bathroom is the most private and personal place in the world. It is essential that this place becomes a space for one’s own personality – in every form and function. From iconic design series to immersive water experiences, put the bathroom at the center of your personal wellness strategy. Create your place of retreat.

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