The rain showers from Dornbracht – architecturally pleasing, smart, and a pleasure for the senses

Like all our rain showers, the Dornbracht rain showers bring the feeling of glistening natural rain into your own bathroom. This turns every shower into a sanctuary of well-being, where a relaxing and cleansing experience with water awaits. The rain showers are also available with the option of a unique lighting concept that can be customized to your individual needs.

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Unique lighting concept with smart home connection

Enjoy an extraordinary shower experience with the interplay of water and light. The unique lighting concept creates an atmosphere in which you can fully immerse yourself, and which adapts to whatever mood you are in. Easy to integrate into your own smart home system. 

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Two spray types with the greatest benefits:

The unique Dornbracht Rain brings the feeling of natural rain into your own bathroom, while the shower spray both cleanses and reinvigorates. Both spray types can be controlled separately or in parallel.

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Design integrated into the architecture: Without visible screw connections, ceiling-mounted or ceiling-integrated, rectangular or round, and available in a variety of different finishes.

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The Dornbracht rain showers are equipped with two types of sprays: The unique Dornbracht Rain envelops the body as lightly as a feather, while the focused and powerful spray cleans it effectively.

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The relaxing feeling of a natural rain shower on the skin – light as a feather and weightless with our unique Dornbracht Rain. With or without an optional integrated light function.

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A lighting concept that adapts to your needs. The rain showers from Dornbracht create regenerative moments for body and soul, helping you unwind and relax.

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The individually adjustable ambient lighting and precise spot lighting immerse you in a unique water and light experience. Integrated into your own smart home concept, and voice control compatible.

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A light experience that will brighten up your mood and gently accompany you into the day – for the perfect start to your morning, or to slowly wake the body.

Here you can find the different versions of the rain showers!

Relax and cleanse – the two spray types of the rain shower.

Everything you need for your perfect shower experience.

One drop makes the difference

Natural rain is the oldest, purest form of showering, and the most pleasing to our senses. Dornbracht researched raindrops down to the last detail. Their secret: each drop falls as lightly as a feather, and hits the body forcefully, yet softly.

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