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A universal design for every lifestyle – this is what IMO stands for. The design of IMO is adaptable, but is also still evolving – and is itself an expression of the spirit of the age: The bathroom as personal living space, in keeping with individual ideas. Varied in form, IMO is a refreshing enhancement for every bathroom. Its universal design leaves it open to different interpretations.

  • Refined

    The proportions of the fitting are refined once again: This gives the new IMO a more minimalist look of utmost precision.

Individual bathroom design with the IMO design collection

Four worlds of colour and various realities express the versatility of IMO and interpret its universal nature in different ways. Whether in a guest, family or premium bathroom, IMO is an invitation to design the bathroom to meet personal expectations. Everything takes its place with comfort and style, even in the smallest of spaces.
IMO_Black matte_ Powder Room_1

A new perspective on the guest bathroom: In a small space, the “Powder Room”, in optimistic pink, is the perfect place to retreat to and freshen up during fleeting moments. Perfect zoning keeps the WC out of sight, and gives a clear view of the mirror.

IMO_Black matte_ Powder Room_3

The spacious washstand zone is style-defining for the whole interior, and at the same time, creates enough space for all the requirements of a guest bathroom.​Furnished with simple materials, such as wood and tiles, the bathroom concentrates on the basic style elements of bathroom architecture. IMO in Matte Black sets an expressive tone against this backdrop.

IMO_Black matte_ Powder Room_4_V1

The contact-free version is an alternative to the classic single-lever mixer, and adds a special touch to the guest bathroom: The TOUCHFREE bathroom fitting is not just hygienic and resource-efficient, it is also aesthetically pleasing and technically convincing.

IMO_Dark Chrome_Apartment Bathroom_1_V1

Tiles reinterpreted: In balanced browns and combined with wood in the “Apartment Bathroom”, they shape a rather distinctive, unseen look. The round design language of the mirror, washbasin and rain shower creates balancing contrasts to the linearity of the tile pattern and the wooden surfaces. IMO in Dark Chrome complements the neutral colour scheme and underlines the stylish versatility and authenticity of the fitting, here on the washstand, with the freely positioned handle at the side.

IMO_Dark Chrome_Apartment Bathroom_3

The raised version of the IMO fitting gives the washbasin an elegant and open look. The tap can be operated in the classic way above the spout as desired.

IMO_Brushed Dark Platinum_Premium Bathroom_1

The soft sage green adds colour to the “Premium Bathroom”, but remains open to contrasts. Together with light shades of wood and classic white elements such as the washstand and bath, an air of functional elegance emerges. The IMO design in the Brushed Dark Platinum finish and the series enhancements together produce a stylish overall appearance – from the fitting, to the shower and bath fitting, to the towel rail.

IMO_Brushed Dark Platinum_Premium Bathroom_3

The atmosphere created by the interplay of round elements and angular forms in the different zones is particularly well-balanced. With its universal design and hybrid design language, IMO itself is transformative, adapting to different living environments, and constantly evolving.

IMO_Chrome_Family Bathroom_2

The ambience in this bathroom is determined by pale yellow tiles and warm wood tones, which establish a welcoming and uncluttered look. With two basins on the spacious washstand, there is enough room for everyone. The IMO design has several areas of application, and creates a harmonious overall appearance, right down to the accessories.

IMO_Chrome_Family Bathroom_5

There is room here for life in all its facets: Vanilla and fresh, pastel yellow bring optimism and lightness to the “Family Bathroom” – a space flooded with light, somewhere to start and end the day feeling relaxed. IMO in Chrome sets a soft tone, and remains refreshingly calm. ​

Inspiration from the IMO product world

Discover the fascinating IMO product range: Expressive bathroom fitting designs for washbasin, shower and bath.
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Space in Times of Transformation

Our lives are subject to constant change - not least in the face of advancing AI technologies. The creative fusion of man and machine is giving rise to visionary spaces that create a wide range of possibilities for interacting with our environment. In the video, you can see how creative collaboration with artificial intelligence gives rise to countless new architectures. It is a process that holds the possibility of permanent further development: design and architecture in constant transformation.

IMO_Brushed Light Gold_1

IMO in Brushed Light Gold

The new Brushed Light Gold finish combines a luxurious aesthetic appeal with contemporary lightness. Its light golden colour, alternating subtly between cool and warm undertones, gives it a vibrant appearance that is fascinating and multifaceted.

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Bathroom inspiration from all over the world: IMO references

03a_Dornbracht_ApartimentumTara  Classic-Kai Nielsen-Luxuswohnungen

Apartimentum - Hamburg © Apartimentum | Karla Fricke


Private residence - Germany © bad & heizung Dreyer, Erlangen

Dornbracht_Alape_Referenz_MALAT_Oesterreich_IMO_Elio (9)_xyz_1

Private residence - Area Cologne © Luther Bad, Günter Luther | Photographer Uwe Schmitz

Dornbracht Y House IMO 2 (2)

Y House - Bodrum © Ofist | Photographer Ali Bekman

USH_8721 A

Private residence - Area Düsseldorf © Luther Bad, Günter Luther | Photographer Uwe Schmitz


Private residence - Area Dusseldorf © Luther Bad, Günter Luther | Photographer Uwe Schmitz

03_Dornbracht_Hotel W_Peking

W Beijing - Beijing © W Beijing

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The new IMO

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