Design faucet VAIA – elegant and harmonious

Its basic design exudes the spirit of a classical fitting, yet the slender lines of the open silhouette anchor the series firmly in the present. VAIA is entirely in the here and now. Completely in balance.

  • Finesse

    Characteristic features of VAIA include its soft radii, refined silhouette and flowing transitions. Its filigree spout draws on a classic form for elegant bathroom fittings and translates into a new, open design.

Timeless bathroom design with the VAIA collection

VAIA_Dark Platinum_16_V1

VAIA naturally blends into many different interior styles. Its harmonious design language always creates the right balance.

VAIA_Collage_Brushed Dark Platinum Shower

The VAIA design series includes fittings and accessories for washbasins, showers, bathtubs, and bidets.

VAIA_Collage_Brushed Dark Platinum

VAIA also has a stylish solution for small washstands.

VAIA_Collage_Brushed Platinum

The various materials radiate a contemplative, almost mystical warmth, depending on how the light falls.

Inspiration from the VAIA product world

Variety for all application areas: VAIA is positioned in the advanced premium segment and encompasses fittings and accessories for the application areas washstand, shower, tub and bidet.
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Transitional Style

VAIA unites traditional elegance with modern-day clarity in our Transitional Style. The innovative nature of this connection is illustrated by Dornbracht’s collaborations with world-renowned designers and architects. Design: Sieger Design.
VAIA Collage_01_V2_14
VAIA Materials Matter_Gentle Transitions_V1

Gentle Transitions

VAIA in Brushed Champagne (22kt gold) meets gentle transitions. The elegant finish is embedded in a harmonious interplay of natural materials and colors.

VAIA Materials Matter_Natural Balance_V1

Natural Balance

Two-tone brick creates a balanced interplay of textures. It's complemented by VAIA in Brushed Dark Platinum, soft silk, and textured wood - creating an exciting experience.

Creative diversity - VAIA surfaces

The use of various finishes enables VAIA to blend into many different contemporary interiors: in both traditional and modern-minimalistic bathroom architectures as well as those combining elements of different styles.
VAIA_Platinum matt_01

The VAIA Architecture

Healing Effects

A stunning collection of bathroom fittings. Timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship for an exquisite bathing experience.

VAIA_Dark Platinum_01_V1

The VAIA Architecture

From Past to Present

Timeless elegance meets modern bathroom design. Luxurious fittings with dark surfaces for a stylish ambience.

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Bathroom inspiration from all over the world: VAIA references

013 dornbracht

Private residence - Kralingen © private owner

002 dornbracht

Private residence - Kralingen © private owner

003 dornbracht

Private residence - Kralingen © private owner


NO.MADE Luxus Mobile Home - Milan © ARCStudio PERLINI | Michele Perlini

Dornbracht_Reference_Brooklyn_Loft_VAIA_Barcelona_Eventlocation (13)

Brooklyn Loft - Barcelona © Shoot Estudios

Dornbracht_Reference_Brooklyn_Loft_VAIA_Barcelona_Eventlocation (5)

Brooklyn Loft - Barcelona © Shoot Estudios


Bagno Sasso Showroom / Point of Experience - Zurich © Bagno Sasso AG | Photographer Rolf Senti


Reference Bathroom - Germany © Alape GmbH | Photo shooting


Reference Bathroom - Germany © Alape GmbH | Photo shooting

Alape_Dez_2018_Set03_Aqua_DeepBlue_Detail_02_ 039_CMYK_iso-coated-300

Reference Bathroom - Germany © Alape GmbH | Photo shooting


VAIA – Inspirations for your bathroom

Tradition meets modernity: the VAIA design collection brochure.

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