Experience with all of your senses. Natural rain.


Luxury rain showers

Enjoy the feeling of a natural rain shower with advanced technology in your own bathroom. Dornbracht offers you a variety of premium rain showers that can be perfectly matched to the design and wellness concept of your bathroom. From simple rain showers to wellness that can make a lasting contribution to your well-being.

Modern rain shower with a maximum of individuality

Our wall and ceiling mounted rain showers are available in various designs, sizes and finishes, enabling your ideal shower solution. We offer a variety of premium rain showers that perfectly complement your bathroom concept. Optional equipment such as electronic controls, side sprays, or stream outlets bring even more individuality and wellness to your bathroom.
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Showerpipe, wall-mounted, Ø 220 mm, with vertical shower head and handset


Showerpipe, wall-mounted, Ø 300 mm, with vertical shower head and handset


Rain shower, ceiling connection, Ø 220 mm, hose shower set with individual rosettes


Rain shower, wall connection, Ø 300 mm, hose shower set with integrated shower head holder


Rain shower, wall connection, Ø 200 mm, hose shower set with individual rosettes, 4 side showers

VAIA_Dark Platinum_10

Rain shower, wall connection, Ø 400 mm, hose shower set with individual rosettes, 4 side showers


Rain shower, ceiling connection, 300 x 240 mm, hose shower set with individual rosettes

Shower Solutions_01_V1

Rain shower, wall connection, 300 x 240 mm, hose shower set with cover plate


Rain shower, wall connection, 300 x 240 mm, hose shower set with individual rosettes, WATER SHEET stream outlet

bigrainwasserkompl_neu (2)_V1

BIG RAIN, with overhead and side shower, for installation in/under ceiling 600 x 480 mm, hose shower set, WATER TUBE Kneipp hose


One drop makes the difference

Natural rain is the oldest, purest form of showering, and the most pleasing to our senses. Dornbracht researched raindrops down to the last detail. Their secret: each drop falls as lightly as a feather, and hits the body forcefully, yet softly.


Water form

As a leading water specialist, Dornbracht continues to evolve and develop new products. The expertise accumulated over many years informs and inspires the development of innovative sprays and flows – whether a waterfall, a strongly pulsating spray, a crystal-clear laminar flow, or a fine mist,  water takes on a wide variety of forms in Dornbracht showers. 


Experience water in a new way

Dornbracht’s multisensory experience showers provide individual moments of bliss. Each unique Signature Treatment combines fascinating light and fragrance scenarios with powerful spray types that touch body and soul.

Custom water solutions for every day:

Our WATER MODULES can be integrated into any shower system to enrich your daily wellness rituals.
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Affusion pipe: The cold water application to your leg strengthens the immune system and speeds up your metabolism.


WATER FALL: Dornbracht brings the beauty of a waterfall into your own bathroom. 


WATER FAN: a soothing water massage relieves muscle tension.


WATER CURVE: Ideal for relaxing the neck muscles after a workout or a long day.


Our expertise for your bathroom

Discover ways to redefine your bathroom. In our brochure "Bathroom Inspiration Book".
„We strive to enhance your daily rituals with true luxury by always thinking ahead. We offer products, solutions, and ideas that enrich your life – every day. For years to come. Guaranteed.“
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Design as a wellness experience

We offer luxury showers that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Our solutions deliver superior performance. With our modern shower systems, we make a lasting contribution to your wellbeing.

Collage 18_Zeus Individual

Individuality that suits you

Your bathroom. Your character. Our solutions ensure that your bathroom suits your lifestyle and personality.  Choose your luxury rain shower and custom solutions: Our large selection of control systems and water outlets is available in various shapes, sizes and finishes.


Showroom finder

Find qualified showrooms in your area who can advise and support you in the selection, planning and installation of your Dornbracht products.

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The Dornbracht rain showers

Experience the unique interaction of water and light. The harmonious and precise design of the rain showers guarantees a long-lasting aesthetic appeal and is ideal for integrating into your own interior and wellness concept. The bathroom becomes a space for your body and your soul. The rain showers are available in a variety of different designs and finishes.

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